Spiritual Depth and Breath Through Understanding

Every action that leads to an end state has a starting point and the starting point for development of spiritual depth and breath begins with desire.  I presented a description of desire in my first book, Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution.  “He that sits on the universal plane, breathes the flame of desire into the hearts of man.  Those that accept that desire will feel its warmth Those that do not, will feel its pain, pain which is the lack of desire.”

Desire alone is not sufficient.  A person must also have knowledge on where they are and a method to plan a path that will get them to the desired destination.

I presented Transitions to you to help show you how I have been able to start the process of finding out where I am.  As my journey continued I needed to clean my mind of superficial thoughts and criticisms of others by working on a task to see the good in all things for thirty consecutive days.  This latter task was presented in my second book, Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

Transitions is about self and universal awareness. It serves as a primer for those who are ready and desire to seek spiritual connection with the source of their existence. It is not a “how-to” book, but rather an invitation to correlate your life with the experiences of the author in his journey.  It encourages you to find your true self in all its dimensions.

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I followed this by presenting Perspectives.  Perspectives presents an advanced outline for self and universal awareness.

To find and understand self permits you to understand God and with that understanding you may learn to understand others.  With that understanding you will be able to see that anger and hate do not serve an means to any end, except more anger and hate.  I provided a link to current headlines of battles that have fought for decades.  I wonder if those who continue to fight ever look to see the pain they create in all of those that surround them, including those they love.  Even as these types of battles continue to be fought I know that my job is to see the good in all things.  My first thoughts are of the ones that fight so hard because of their love for their families.  My second thought is that there are others that look upon this and having witnessed the pain and suffering, they decide to work for peace with all.

God loves you all, no matter what your choice.  Please understand, love is the most powerful force in the universe.



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