How do you see yourself with God?

In reference to Genesis 1-26: “Let us make mankind in our own image, in our own likeness …”; how do you picture that statement? What I mean is, considering the statement, do you turn the statement around and think of the image of God as the same as our physical image? Or is there another view you have?

I imagine the likeness.  God is Love and Love is God, so I think God would create mankind in the image of Love, Love in the spiritual form.  As we come to the physical form our physical mind soon forgets our spiritual existence, however the union of the physical and spiritual exist always.  Love is still within our image; our existence.

Spiritual development is an evolutionary path made in small steps toward an end destination that is impossible to achieve in a single life time. It all starts with the realization of the union that exist between the physical and spiritual self.

I was allowed to realize the union of the spirit and physical self through multiple processes.  Perhaps the first of these was a car accident and another an out of body experience.  In the first a miraculous series of steps during the accident protect me from injury.  In the second I was allowed to cross over and back again with memories of what I encountered.

I do not think it is necessary for everyone to experience these exact events to realize the union of the physical and spiritual.  Rather, I believe it is important for a person, who seeks spiritual development, to open their mind to the concept that we are here for a greater purpose and that purpose goes beyond self indulgence and consist of both our spiritual and physical existence.  Our physical purpose may involve complex human activities that promotes human development.  However we do not remember the plan that we must follow to complete.

We do this because we can; we do this as a part of the plan.

God loves you all.



4 thoughts on “How do you see yourself with God?

    1. perspectivesauthor Post author

      I must think on what you are asking. If it is about the spiritual universe, then it does not end, as an end suggest some function of time. Time does not exist in an infinite universe. If it is about the physical universe, then once again there is no end as at the end of a particular physical existence the spiritual path is continued by our spiritual existence; with a different understanding of what our physical accomplishments or difficulties.

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      1. Jack Saunsea

        Thank you for your thoughtful response.

        My question was inspired by the line “Spiritual development is an evolutionary path made in small steps toward an end destination…” and I was curious to hear more about what was meant by this description.


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  1. perspectivesauthor Post author

    Thank you, it is a good question. I ask myself a question to try to understand: We are created in our spiritual form and then we create a plan for our first spirit to flesh transition. The question is, “why?” The answer I often get is “to get closer to God.” What does “closer to God” mean? Perhaps a better answer is; we do it because that is what we do as a part of God’s plan for “freedom of choice.”

    After the first transition we are able to look upon our previous physical existence and review flaws within ourselves. We can then create a plan to correct those flaws in our next physical existence, and so on. Once we are able to correct each of the flaws we uncover we can allow ourselves to return home. The choice to return home or not is our soul’s choice alone, there is no other that decides. In regards to the “end destination” statement that I made, I was thinking in regard to that decision, perhaps I should have said it differently.



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