A Morning Walk with God

earlymorningwalk8_13_14One of the first task I received in 2009 was to observe the sun rise 7 times.  At that time I was extremely heavy, weighing over 340 pounds; my daily exercise consisting of walking between the house to my truck to my office and back again.  During that time just a trip up the stairs to go to bed was difficult.  What happened as a result of that small task was the start of daily exercise.  At first I went to my truck to drive somewhere to see the sun rise but soon afterward I started walking.  Initially it was  half mile, then as the sun moved across the horizon it became a mile, then two, three and finally four miles, almost each and every morning (there are few exceptions).  This has continued for 5 years.

I find the time spent in my daily walks rewarding.  Each walk is an opportunity to feel the calm serenity of nature all around.  It is my quiet time to spend with God and all of those that watch over me.  During these walks I work to clear my mind of all superficial thoughts and just watch and listen.

It is often hard to appreciate all the Father has given us.  On one night we observed one that came from the other side.  He/she did not say a word; instead walking around, pouring cold water over his head, smelling flowers and listening to the sounds of the wind chimes.  There was no other motive, no political or social agenda, only appreciation for the abundant gifts surrounding us.  I could not fully see it at first, it was only after he left and we discussed with each other what each of us had seen and felt that it was realized the lesson we had received that night.

The world we share is a gift from God to us.  There is no one place more sanctioned by God for one person or another.  God does not give favorites to one more than another.  There is no need to fight or destroy in the name of God, if God wanted us dead he could make it happen with no help from any of us.  I can even find the equivalent information in religious text as quoted below.

“Like ashes are the deeds of those who deny their Lord, which the wind blows away on a windy day. They shall have no power over what they earned. This is the farthest limit of going astray. Did you not see that God has created the heavens and the earth with ultimate reason? If He wills He could take you away from the earth and raise a new creation (in your place). This is well within the power of God[1].”

[1] Al-Qur’an, A Contemporary Translation by Amhed Ali. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. Book of Abraham 18-20.

The choice of how we live is up to us.  That too is a gift from God, the gift of freedom of choice.  To truly understand this gift can change the life of a person.  For me it is the realization that we were created by love, there is nothing more powerful in the universe.  To destroy another in the name of God is a denial of the love that God has for each of us.

God loves us all, completely and unconditionally.


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