Have you ever thought of a color as a destination?  It can be interesting when you can see the universe as energy.  In some of my early interactions with the spiritual universe I was told there is a location that exist just outside our physical realm called the Blue.

Blue SkyThe location described is a beautiful blue energy filled with Love.  When passing from the physical space to the spiritual space the Blue provides a path where the soul may reconnect with the Love it seeks.  The Blue is not physical space, it has no dimensions, no heat, no cold.  During one of the training sessions I asked a traveler where he was.  He replied, “I am in the Blue.”  I asked what he saw, he replied, “Blue.”  I asked how he felt, he replied, “Loved.”

I often think about the Blue and the relationship to the description of our planet earth, the Blue Planet.  For me this translates to a simple concept, we are surrounded by Love.  When I take my morning walks I often observe a view such as the image attached.  It is so comforting to know, God loves us all.

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