How do I hear their voice?

Last week I was in a radio interview hosted by Stu Taylor.  I enjoyed the discussion and probing questions by Mr. Taylor.  One of the interesting points in the conversation regarded a statement from Mr. Taylor where he challenged the concepts of direct Angel communications, as it had never occurred with him.  He further inquired what a person needed to do to receive Angelic messages.

Although I talked for a couple of minutes to address his comment and question, I don’t think I completely answered the question.  After the interview was over it occurred to me that the answer may have been addressed with a question, “Are you sure?”

I described the methods and manners of my direct conversations with different Angels in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution. Because of the nature of the communication, each conversation could be easily denied.  There was no recording; absolutely no proof for anyone but me.  For me, I knew what was true by the content and completeness of what was said.  I was very moved by the knowledge of their presence and I often thought these communications were only meant for me. I was corrected, they said that the messages were available to anyone who desired to receive them.

A few years ago I told one of my brothers that Angelic communications were available to him.  He was a bit skeptical but asked how to start.  I told him that I stand outside each and every morning and share a moment with God.  During this short period of time; generally less than 2 cricket minutes, I work to clear my mind and open my ears to hear the sound of the crickets.  My brother immediately responded that this would not work for him because, “there are no crickets in Massachusetts.” I just smiled at him and said, “just listen, if you can’t hear the crickets then how do you expect to hear them whose voices are much more faint?”

A few weeks later my son and I were surprised when my brother called and announced that he woke up around 4:30am that morning and stepped outside for some fresh air.  He was so excited as he recounted the event as on that quiet Massachusetts morning he heard a cricket.  A couple of days later while driving down the road he kept hearing a cricket inside his truck.  Then, shortly afterward, while delivering residential fuel oil, he saw a cricket at his feet.  A few minutes later he called for help with a problem with his delivery truck and during that call he suddenly felt ill and told the office that he was in trouble.  He suffered a massive heart attack at that moment.  The doctor stated that it was really unbelievable that he survived.

I can easily sit back and count the number of messages that he received during that period of his life.  Was it from the cricket? No, of course not, the cricket was simply something placed there for confirmation.  It was more the quiet voices that reached through to tell him to call the office for help.  That call made all the difference.

So, you ask a question, “how do I hear their voices?”  The answer, “just listen, each day take a moment to be silent and listen past the sound of the crickets.”

God loves you, the Angels love you.

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2 thoughts on “How do I hear their voice?

  1. Joey McGuire

    Hi Richard,
    Personally, I hear their voices in the trees. Sometimes they whisper, at other times they appear to be screaming. If I allow myself to doze off while the wind makes its way through the trees, their voices become crystal clear.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. perspectivesauthor Post author

      I cannot adequately explain the emotion when I first heard their voice. The audio path chosen will be the one for the listener, not the speaker. As we listen we need to have discernment. Their voice is not one of mitigation, instead the Angelic voice is one of love and caring that assist each person to endure.

      Yes, it is in the moments of relaxation when we are able to clear our minds of all the noise that their voice is heard.
      God loves you, they love you.



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