How Do You Explain Fear?

A few years ago I was asked to explain fear in terms that could be understood by someone that did not know its meaning.  The explanation became more complicated as it went along as I used terms either incorrectly or the meaning of the terms was also not understood.

I describe fear is an autonomic emotion that controls our actions. I say “autonomic” because fear operates in the background without any inputs from us.  Instead, fear provides a stimulus to our mind.  Once the stimulus is received the emotional stimulus has completed its work, what happens next is up to us.  In Transitions I described my mind racing out of control as I listened to the creaking sounds during the night.  It was only when I took action to investigate the source of the sounds that I was able to eliminate my body’s response to the “fear” stimulus.

I believe that most people are controlled by fear.  Fear  that can be displayed openly or it may be held deeply inside.  FearSmall fears that are displayed openly may be ridiculed by others thus creating deeper hidden fears within.  Other hidden fears can cause emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, hate, and even misguided impressions of love.

Fear is so often misunderstood by so many.  I think the reason is because, as a society, we promote the idea that we must be strong and fearless.  Yet despite the attempts made, fear is still exist in our lives. Fear attaches to everyone regardless of social or economic status.  So how do you explain fear?

I discussed fear in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution. I encourage you to pick up a copy of Transitions from IUniverse.   In Transitions I explained that Angels do not know fear.  I broke down the meaning of fear to its lowest denominator, which for me is loss of something important to me, whether possessions, loved ones, position, social status, financial status or life.  For an Angel the most important thing for them Gods_Loveis God’s love and God’s love can never be lost, therefore the Angels do not know fear.

When we look at ourselves we need to ask of what are we afraid.  Some fear may be important to us as it becomes a catalyst that helps us push forward.  Other fear may hinder or progress so we need to look within and discover that fear that helps us move and that which hinders our progress.  It is important to know the difference.

Today we begin by examining ourselves.  Very carefully look within to find the wounds that bind our fears to us.  Open the wounds, cleanse them so they may heal.  Replace the fear with love, learn to love self first.  When you discover the love of self you can discover the unconditional love of God for us all.  With that understanding you may start to open the doors to understanding that there is nothing to fear, there is only life and life is what we make of it.

God loves you all, love always.


4 thoughts on “How Do You Explain Fear?

  1. Joseph

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that people are controlled by fear; in fact, I think it FRAMES most of our lives and our experiences. I find what you wrote Angel’s intriguing. To them, God’s love is the most important thing. Would you say that God’s love is less important to humans? In my opinion, I don’t think there IS anything more important in all of the universe … and if we think there is, well, we’re just mistaken. 🙂 I agree that fear must be replaced by love, but we first need to look within and see the wounds that are in need of healing – and let LOVE heal them. Just as you said! Yes, God’s love IS unconditional and there is nothing to fear, but we have to look at our notions of LOVE, too, for the love we seem to show each other is NOT unconditional and therefore engenders fear. Thanks for the read and God bless!


    1. perspectivesauthor Post author

      Thank you for your insightful comments.

      Regarding: “Would you say that God’s love is less important to humans? In my opinion, I don’t think there IS anything more important in all of the universe … and if we think there is, well, we’re just mistaken.”

      Yes, God’s love is the most important thing to human existence as well. As you will read in Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life, Love is God, God is Love and Love is why we exist. It is important both spiritually and physically to understand this simple concept. With that understanding we can begin to remove fear. When we remove fear we then understand that we do not have to control everyone around us. We can understand that we get closer to God with Love. We can understand that there is no such thing as a “Holy War,” and there is no such thing as “fighting for God” or blessing bestowed onto combatants of war any more than what is bestowed on each and every one of us each day.

      Also, in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution and Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life I addressed the meaning of Love and how the word is overused and misunderstood.
      I encourage you to read both of these and provide me your comments. They are both available in EBook on Amazon for $3.99. Also hardcover and softcover versions are available.

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