Praise From Above

I reflect back a few years to the day when the Angels delivered me their first message.  It was a simple message that had a deep meaning and impact to me. The message was for me to observe the sunriseearlymorningwalk8_13_14 a total of seven times.  If I accomplished this task I was told the Angels would praise my name.

What does the concept of the Angels praising my name really mean?  For me it meant a lot, in fact it meant enough to convince me to get up each and every morning to try to observe the sun rise.  At first I was not successful, but a bit later it became the catalyst for my daily walks that have been a part of my routine ever since that moment.  However, as moving as it was for me, what I have discovered is that no matter what I do the Angels always praise my name.

The next question that would follow is, “why me?” The question would be better phrased as, “Why Praise?”  The reason for the change is that the Angels do not do more for one than another.  What is given is given to each with equal and unconditional enthusiasm.  What this really means is that the promise by the Angels to praise my name, in fact, did not change anything they do, all it changed was my awareness of that they do. If you ask what we do to deserve praise the answer is still very simple.  We are praised because we exist.

Some may ask the question of why they are not aware that the Angels praise their name. The answer is much simpler than may be imagined because if you are reading this and you were not aware this occurred before, then you are aware now, if you accept this simple statement as fact.  The choice to accept it or not is yours alone but once again, regardless of the choice made the praise from above will still occur.

Now that you are aware of the praise the Angels give each of us, regardless of what we do, the challenge we face is what we do with this information.

Although I am often embarrassed by praise when received, I always feel good about the recognition of what I have tried so hard to achieved but I have been reluctant to give praise to others even though that praise could be well deserved.  To praise someone for their accomplishments, no matter how great or how small, cost nothing for the giver, but means a lot to the receiver.  That can be the real catalyst for the praise we receive from above, meaning it is given freely because it means so much to us and because we are loved by them they do not hesitate to give freely of it.

Swami Rama taught that we should not be swayed by criticism or praise but to be comfortable with ourselves.  I like the concept.  I think it is important to be level in our thoughts and emotions.  I think it is important that I listen and accept either criticism or praise with equal understanding and emotions.  I also think that praise should be given with the same equal emotion as criticism.  For me the level and modest approach provide credibility for each.

When we understand God’s love for us; when we understand the love of the Angels for us; with that understanding we can begin to understand our role is completing God’s plan for us.  When we have the understanding of our role we can learn to praise one another simply because we exist.  Because we exist we can give simple praise such as “Good morning, it is great to see you.”  or “Thank you, your help to me today has been tremendous,” or we could give much more elaborate praise for specific accomplishments.   We can do this because it is what we do, we do it because we exist.

Thank you all for your time and energy helping me today to find the right words to discuss the praise we get from above and how we can pay it forward.

God loves you, the Angels love you.  Love always.

As always you can find out more on Angelic influences in our lives in my books, Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution and Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life. 


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