What If I Told You The Truth

If I told you the truth would you believe it?  I would guess it would depend on the truth that was told.

When we discuss truth we discover there are two types of truth; arbitrary truth and real truth.  Arbitrary truth is true by the opinion of the masses.  This type of truth will prevail as long as the masses agree that it is in fact true.  As I discussed in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution, an example of arbitrary truth would have been the belief that the earth was flat in the 14th century, or the belief that the atom was the smallest particle from the early 19th century.

Real truth is absolute; it is without change. An example of an real truth the fact that the earth is round.  Another real truth is that the sun releases energy.

How do we differentiate between arbitrary truth and real truth?  It is a very good question and almost impossible to answer.  There are many truths that we can accept as true and other truths that are contrary to our comfort level.  What this means is that truth ultimately becomes what we are willing to accept as true or what fits into our comfort level.  Whether real or arbitrary doesn’t matter to the individual person.  For example, I can tell you a real truth; God loves you unconditionally.  For some this truth is easily accepted yet for others as easily rejected.  For most, what I provide as a real truth disintegrates into an arbitrary truth because it is not acceptable because of the lack of direct proof.

In Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life I provided a proof for God’s existence and why we exist.  The proof can be denied or accepted by the individual or self sustained.  GandhiGandhi stated, “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.”

Gandhi also stated, “God is love, it is the only truth I fully accept.”

I return to my question.  If I told you the truth would you believe it?  The truth I tell you is that I am of God the Father.  At the moment of my creation God named me Nathaniel.  You are also of God the Father and each of you were named by God as well.  The next truth is that we are here in human form by a plan of our own creation.  We come into human form for the purpose of love and will eventually return home by that same love.  God created us by love and love is why we exist.  God loves everyone the same, completely and unconditionally.

Love always





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