Love, The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Each day I take an early morning walk.  My walks started in the summer of 2009 and there has rarely been a day that I have missed this time that I spend with nature.  Many years past I was in the US Army and for many years I would take an afternoon run.  Those times were also very enjoyable for me, it was an opportunity to clear my mind of all my worries and concerns and just focus on breathing.

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Sometimes when I walk unique thoughts come into my head.  These thoughts are not like my normal thoughts about what I have done or should be doing, instead they are like a simple, yet complete message.  Each thought brings with it a level of comfort within as they let me know that I am not alone.  On one morning the message was once again simple and concise.  The message, “The most powerful force in the universe is love.”

I have stated before that love is the basis of our existence (Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life available on E-Book for $3.99 US).

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

We were created by God; God is Love, Love is God.  We are here to serve God’s plan for us.  This plan is also discussed in Perspectives.

The universe is complex and our role in the universe is equally complex.  Because of freedom of choice our human existence is influenced by many obstacles that are placed in our path to overcome.  However, these obstacles are simply challenges for us, to overcome these challenges is also a part of what we do.

The negative forces that influence us are very good at what they do.  I discussed these forces in my first book, Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution. Transitions is available on E-Book for $9.99 US.  TransitionsWhatever our functional role in our current human existence, it helps to understand the universal players and their roles.  Transitions helps us understand how the universe interacts with us.  For many it makes a difference.  For Maria, when I asked her how she felt after reading the first few chapters of Transitions, she responded, “Whole.”

Love as a word is overused and many do not understand its pure meaning.  The love to which I refer is pure or unconditional love that is a part of our soul.  Unconditional love is what our soul seeks.  Whenever we experience unconditional love the emotions we encounter are often overwhelming.  It is in that moment that it is realized how great and small we are in a single instance.  It is like infinity; like arriving home again after a long absence to once again be with family and friends.  When we are able to give unconditional love we realize a deep peace within ourselves that cannot be broken.  This peace is so significant that others feel it when they are in your presence.  Children and animals are the first to detect that peaceful harmony one IMAG0418achieves.  Much like the young squirrel that ran across my foot this morning.  It’s youth and experience allowed it to play freely with it’s family.  Yet, despite the protective defenses that the little animal possesses it freely raced around me and then back into the garden.  Yesterday Mimi actually walked out to the fence where they were playing and gently toyed with the tail of one and stroked the foot of another as it sat on the fence rail.

I think the path toward unconditional love is an uphill path.  The path is unbroken and the explorer must both clear the path and pull along all the burdens they have gathered along the way.  To lighten the load is difficult but it can be done if you only have the desire.  All is possible when you fully understand that God loves you completely and unconditionally.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Love always.




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