From the Beginning

Every thing we do must start at one point and then continue from there.  It is the same for our existence in the spiritual universe as it is for the physical universe.

When we transition from the spiritual universe to the physical universe our memories of “home” IMAG0432are hidden from our conscious mind.  In our unconscious mind we retain our connection to home.  Throughout our physical existence our unconscious mind seeks our return to home at the soul level.  At the soul level we are always seeking love.  Love is the reason we exist, love is God and God is love.

We can go through our entire physical life without ever understanding our spiritual existence  To not understand our spiritual existence may leave an emptiness inside.  It is like we are forgetting something important.  Not knowing does not prevent us from living.

When we come to the point that we discover are desire to connect with our spiritual existence we often seek out a method that will help us.  For some this method could be to participate in religious study.  For others the connection might be established via communication with psychics, gurus, or even watching television programs dealing with paranormal subjects.  It can get very confusing for many of us as most of these methods do not all agree and there is a plethora of misinformation regarding from where we come before birth and what happens after death.

In May of 2012 I received a task to teach another.  What I will offer to you now is a simple task you can perform to help you understand, if you so choose.  It is a simple task but very significant it what it can do for you.

Before you attempt to participate in this task you need to understand a couple of points regarding our physical time and the spiritual universe.  I discussed this concept in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution. In the spiritual universe time does not exist, there is no beginning and no end, all is infinite.

Our reality is based on time.  Because time does not exist in the spiritual universe, 1 second in the physical universe has the same impact as 100 or even 1 million years.  What this means in terms of the task I am presenting is that the time you commit to the task only matters to you.  Now for the task.

Each morning, before leaving your home for work or whatever else you plan, find a place just outside your house that is free from distractions.  IMAG0414I prefer a place under or around trees or bushes.  I also like standing on the ground versus the concrete.  What is important about the place is that it should be a ‘happy” place for you.  When you go to this place, stand or sit with your body upright, keeping your back straight and your head held up, looking either straight ahead or slightly up.  I like looking at the sky then I close my eyes for a moment.

While you are standing in your happy place, ignore all the sounds made my man, such as cars passing by and focus on the sounds of nature.  Listen carefully to hear the sounds of crickets chirping or birds singing.  Feel the early morning breeze.  Breathe in gently, pulling in the positive energy from all of nature that surrounds you.  Feel the energy pass up from the soles of your feet, through your legs, abdomen, chest and arms.  As the positive energy fills your heart breathe out all the negative energy that was displaced, IMAG0438releasing it gently into the air around you.  Repeat this for about 10 to 20 breaths, inhaling and exhaling gently.  Do not force your breathing, let it be natural and gentle.

As I perform this simple task I work to clear my mind of everything except the gentle breathing, in and out, listening to the sounds of nature all around me, filling my heart with God’s love for all.  At the end of this moment of quiet meditation I thank God for all he has provided for me.

I hope this tasks works for you as it has for me.  Discover more about positive and negative energies in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution.

God loves you.  Love always.



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