In Presence of God

A couple of days ago I read a posting where the author discussed when God is Quiet.  Although I appreciate what the author is saying, I understand God’s role with us much differently than what was expressed.  I responded:

What would you do if you knew the truth and the truth was unlike what religion has taught? Would you follow what was taught by Jesus, or would you follow what religion teaches if they were different? This is a difficult question to answer for Christian followers as to doubt religious doctrine would be condemning yourself to hell. However, you should not worry about hell, hell is simply the creation of man, not God. But how could you believe this?

Back to your posting. Jesus was never separated from God and you are never separated from God. It was Jesus’s understanding of God that helped him endure the pain and suffering inflicted upon him. Should God separate from humanity then humanity would end; all we know would end; all of creation would end, but don’t worry, God would never do that. It is in the worst of times of our physical existence that we are the closest to God. It is at the point of our physical death that all of our spiritual guides along with the Angels that watch over us, come to our side to great us as we return home.

Jesus suffered the torture and pain to demonstrate the power of unconditional love. “So simple so simple, but it is the nature of man to make it difficult to understand.” — Zophiel

With all of the information available in religious books about God, prophets, and others, it is difficult to understand the truth about man’s relationship with God and the spiritual universe It becomes even more complicated with the contradictions included within those texts.  Contradictions have been introduced over time by modifications made by one author and then another.  So, how does anyone ever find truth?

I have had many direct conversations with the Keepers of Universal Knowledge.  From these conversations I have been able to start developing an understanding of our connection to our spiritual identity.Transitions  I cannot prove this; I can only say it occurred.  What I can do is relate to you that most, if not all, of the information that was told to me can also be found in the writing of many authors.  The books have ranged from writings such as the Gospel of Thomas, The Bible, The Quran, books on Buddhism, books on Yogi science and from many spiritual authors.  Among all of these books there is a common and  consistent theme.  That theme is God’s unconditional love for all.

God’s unconditionalGodslove love is the source of our creation.  During one of my early morning walks I was reminded that Love is the most powerful force in the universe, it is the basis of our existence.  God is Love, Love is God.  Love is the basis of our existence.

Another point was given that the Angels do not know fear.  In an earlier posting I talked about fear and I wrote of fearfear2 is both Transitions and Perspectives. The bottom line of the previous discussion is that the only thing Angels could possibly fear would be the loss of God’s love and they know that can never happen, hence they do not know fear.



Combine this information and we can derive some simple facts:

  •   God is love, love is God
  •   Love is the basis of our existence
  •   if Love ends then our existence ends
  •   For God to separate from us he must deny us His love
  •   If God denies us His love then we cease to exist.
  •   Because we exist God’s love hasn’t changed, we have never been separated from God

It is really simple, isn’t it.

Love always,



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