Removing Negative People From Your Life

Many times in our lives we find ourselves surrounded by negativity.  Perhaps we see something that we find distasteful or someone says something that is offensive.  I know I have struggled under these conditions to calm my mind and close my mouth, yet sooner or later I grab onto the energy and immediately help it along by adding my own negative thoughts and emotions.

As I scroll through Twitter I see many postings from people that direct others to remove negative people from their lives.  I understand that it is very difficult to keep a positive outlook when you are surrounded by others who appear to be possessed by a lot of negative energy.  I say appear because what we often hear, see or interpret from others may simply be a reflection of our own emotion; a reflection of ourself.

A few years back I had a dream.  In the dream a man told me, “Go to Dharana, it is not a place it is a destination.  Go to Dharana.”  SamadhiI did not know what this meant, however, because I needed to understand the message I searched the internet and found this book  Samadhi, The Highest State of Wisdom.

At another time I can explain the exact meaning of the message, what is significant here are the lessons the Swami taught that promote the understanding of “self” and the impact of others on “self,”  I was looking for my copy to get an exact quote, however, not having found it I will instead paraphrase my understanding.  What he talked about was the impact of others on self.  He stated that there should be no difference of emotions for praise or criticism received from another.  For many emotions swing like a pendulum, first far left and then far right depending on the conditions of the moment.  For those that have a pendulum clock you know that the clock does not run grandfatherclockcorrectly if it is out of balance and the pendulum swings drastically from one side to another.  For people the effects are the same because if your emotional pendulum is out of balance so will be your life.

Take control of your mind.  This is not easy, the mind can grab onto external inputs and then begin a process of creating all types of fictional scenarios.  Often comes the case of “making a mountain from a mole hill,” as my grandfather used to explain to me.  Honestly, it is not what another does that impacts or directs your emotions;  your emotions are only manipulated by your mind.

When you possess control of your mind you will not respond in radical swings of emotion by what happens around you.  If someone tells you they hate you or that they love you, you are able to react with the same balanced emotional state.  You might be able to respond with “thank you, I love you” in either condition, or simply smile and say nothing.  As I have said many times, “love is the most powerful force in the universe.”  Always keeping love in your heart can never go wrong.

When you have positive control of you mind then you are able to see and love yourself without conditions.  If you can see and love yourself without conditions then you are aware there is nothing in the universe that can make you smaller or larger except yourself.

The path to taking control of your mind is neither easy or short.  It is a life long journey that is both difficult and rewarding.  As you move along this path you will discover that the process of removing negative people from your life begins with taking control of you mind and removing negative thoughts from your mind. Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.15.34 PM I spent 317 days working to see the good in all things for 30 consecutive days.  I presented the lessons uncovered by me during this time in Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.  It was during this time that I discovered that the task I was doing did not have an end.  It is a life long activity.

Remove negative people from your life by removing negative thoughts from your life.  Everything begins and ends with self.  Learn to love yourself.  When you learn to love yourself you can learn to love God and then you can learn to love others, equally and without conditions.  When you are able to achieve this you will understand that the only thing happening around you that is negative it the negative energy that you give it.  “Understand, with understanding comes wisdom.”

God loves you all, love always,



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