Discover Who You Are

As I walked my usual path last week the thought came to me about who I am.  My dear friend Cyd came to visit and we shared our thoughts about the path to soul discovery.

We all understand with certainty the origin of our physical birth.  The majority of us know our father, mother, grandparents, uncles and aunts.  However, our spiritual existence is neither remembered nor fully understood.  To complicate our understanding, religious teaching often misrepresents the connection of our soul and physical body.

In Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution I presented a path to understanding how the spiritual universe interacts with our physical existence.  On the cover of Transitions I provided a symbol that represents  the Archangel Zophiel who watches over us.  The symbolzophiel_symbol depicts both his name and our spiritual connection and the transitions we do.  From spirit to flesh we move through our physical journey with the spiritual universe beside us.  At the end of our physical life we transition back to spirit.

To gain wisdom and understanding we must be willing to open our ears and mind to hear the messages conveyed by our spiritual guardians.  However, for some this may not be possible because they are not meant to hear; they are not meant to understand.

Each of us come into the physical to follow a plan that we wrote while in spirit.  We do not create this plan alone.  Our earthly plan is created to interact with many other plans, perhaps millions of plans or more.  The complexity of the interaction of the plans for billions of people on earth is not imaginable for our physical existence.  What can be imagined and understood is that the plans exist and that we are here for a purpose.  Perhaps the purpose is to lead a nation, perhaps it is to clean the floor of a hospital or school.  Our roles can be as complex as a beggar on the street to a billionaire on a yacht.  It does not matter what the plan; it only matters that the plan exist.

Another important part of each plan is that they do not have a single fixed path to follow.  Rather, each plan has multiple directions that may be followed by the choice of each person.  I work to understand this better.  I think at this time the plans are very interactive, as one person moves along one path or another the related plans adjust accordingly.

The last thing I will discuss in this posting is that the role of those that watch over us is not one of mitigation.  The Angels do not make decisions on our behalf, they do not change our plans.  Rather, the primary role of the Angels is to help us endure.  They remind us that no matter what happens, God loves us, they love us. When we transition back to spirit they will be there to welcome us home once again.

Please know that there is no force in the universe that determines what you do or how you do it.  The choice is fully left up to each person. Freedom of choice is a gift from the Father (God).  Love, hate, anger, pity, pride, greed, generosity, arrogance, humility, along with many other emotions, are controlled by self.  There is no external force that can make you happy or sad.  The emotions you feel are the emotions you choose to feel.  I wrote about this in Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

Taking the time to read about discovering who you are is one of your first steps along the path to your own spiritual evolution.  IMAG0286God loves you, the Angels love you, love always.



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