What is Your Destiny?

I was watching a Korean TV Series from 2010 called Je-Joong-Won. It is about a Korean Western Hospital that was established around 1895 just before Japan became a protectorate of the Country. JeJoongWonToward the end of the series the main character Dr. Hwang Jung is talking with the U.S. Consul General Dr. Allen about the personal conflict he is having regarding his role in support to his country.

Dr. Hwang: I don’t know what to do
Dr. Allen: No one can give you the answer. You’re the only one who can answer that. But don’t worry too much. …
I really did not want to come here. But when I arrived in Korea and passed the South Gate, What I saw that night was so beautiful. The rooftops of the Korean houses were bathed in moonlight and it seemed like they had been waiting for me to come for a long time. That night I realized my destiny.
Dr. Hwang: Destiny?
Dr. Allen. Yes, I believe that it was not by accident that each of us were born into this world. There is a reason why we are here, we all have a destiny we must fulfill. I think that you are walking the path in order to fulfill your destiny. There will come a day when you will realize what your destiny is, just like it happened to me. – 2010 SBS

What does destiny really mean?  antDo you imagine our destiny as preordained or is it a path we develop along our physical journey?  From my perspective I believe that we are all here to serve a purpose and that purpose can be as minute or gigantic as we choose it to be. BlueWhale It could be as small as an ant or as magnificent as the Blue Whale.

Each of these make a difference in our lives.  If you do not believe it let an ant bite you on the thigh, you will certainly feel the difference then.

But how do you know or understand your own destiny?  As Dr. Allen stated, “There will come a day when you realize what your destiny is.”  What it is not is what someone else thinks it should be, it is what you realize it to be.

The first step is always with self.  Understand and know yourself.  If you cannot know yourself then however will you know someone else?

In late 2009 I sat for hours with one who only identified himself as 113.  I asked why 113 and he said it was because he was the 113th one waiting in line to talk with me.  During our conversation he drew this picture and 051asked me to tell him what he had drawn. I looked at it closely and commented on what it could be.  Others were drawn into the conversation as well and each had an opinion of what was hidden in the scribbles on the paper.  Right now I will not tell you what it is, rather I would ask that you take the time to study it closely and perhaps provide your comments on what you see.  You need not rush but rather let the image come to focus in your mind.

What is your destiny, do you know?  If you knew today what would happen tomorrow or the next day, this year or next, what would you do?  If you could ask but two questions of those that watch over us, what questions would it be?

Today is a day of reflection.  It is a time to remember who we truly are, the real purpose of our existence.  We all come from Love and it is into Love that we will return. While we are here in our physical existence we will fulfill the destiny that we make for ourselves.  What we do today makes all the difference; what we do today creates the memories of tomorrow.

God Loves You All, Love Always.



5 thoughts on “What is Your Destiny?

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