The Evil That Surrounds Us

Today I will talk a moment about evil and what it is that surrounds us.  I will use some examples to illustrate my points but the examples are not intended to justify or refute anything that has occurred in the past, nor to declare anything as absolute right or absolute wrong.  What I am trying to do is to understand what it is that we call the evil that surrounds us.

I watched a couple of special interviews aired by Sean Hannity on Fox News.  One was an interview with former president George W Bush that discussed his new book and the other was an interview with the man that shot Osama Bin Laden.

In both of these interviews the general consensus was that Osama Bin Laden was an “evil” man.  Whether he was or was not I cannot really say as I did not know him.  All I have available to make such a decision is what is presented in the news media and what I understand of evil.

Let’s consider evil for a moment.  If I put two pro football teams in a stadium, facing off for a game,NFL Picture if I am in team 1’s home stadium then most likely I am favoring my team.  Whatever my team does is good and whatever team 2 does is not good. In this case good and bad are based on my position on the field.  In the same way, if I put 2 opposing armies on the field then the one that is good and the one that is bad is solely based on my position on the field.  In both cases, after the battle is fought, the ones supporting the winner’s side will proclaim the heroics of their force over the “evil” actions of the losing force.

A couple of years ago I discussed a US Hero of the Vietnam Conflict with my mother.  During that conversation I explained all of the sacrifices thePoolaw hero made that ultimately led to his death.  A couple of days after that discussion one of the Angelics reminded me of what I had said to my mother.  He then explained what I did not see.  He said that the soldiers on each side were brothers, fathers, and sons.  He said that whatever the cause, someone innocent would die and others would live, but each were loved equally by God and the Angels.

Can anyone really swear who was right and who was wrong in that conflict?  If someone slaps your face you may declare that person evil, however that same person might give a homeless person a meal and for that offering be declared an angel by the one receiving the gift. In another case a man may see a beautiful woman on the street and declare her an angel and later in her home the woman may throw a tantrum with her lover and be declared by him as wickedly insane.

I could go on with many examples however I think my point should be relatively clear at this point.  From my discussion above I surmise that good and bad are based on your perspective.  If this is accurate then good and bad changes with different perspectives and because they change then good and bad are not real truth.  This means there is no “real” good and there is no “real” bad. (In this case “real” meaning “absolute truth,” – truth that is non-changing)

So what is evil that surrounds us and why does it exist?  In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene the disciples ask their teacher from where evil comes.  The answer was that there is no evil.  Evil exist only in the hearts of man.

For me, I have do doubt that bad things happen and the level of severity of the bad can lead to a proclamation of evil.  But let’s consider the first interview above, with the former president, where he discussed the factors that he faced in going to war in Iraq.  His apparent intent was to eradicate evil.  Again, position and perspective becomes important.  If you were an Iraqi civilian injured, either physically or emotionally, by US or coalition bombs, who would you be calling evil? If you are a victim of the attack on the twin towers in New York City then your perspective will be completely different.

Not everything that appears bad is bad and not everything that appears good is good.

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

For “negative energies,” they do their best work when they are not discovered.  I discussed negative energies in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution.

To discover the evil that surrounds you look first into your own heart, it is the most difficult place to work.  We can rarely see ourselves and what we do, often taking a very myopic and biased perspective.  What we may consider as beneficial and rewarding to others can in the end be the act that causes extreme harm to another.  We often act in haste and then depend on “I’m sorry,” to heal the damage we have done.  What would we do if we really understood our position in the universe?  Would we do things differently?  If we want to change the world, if we want to eliminate evil, then we must look into our own hearts.

No matter what you choose, God loves you, the Angels love you.  Love always.








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