Negative Energies – A Review

Once again I thought it is time to discuss the power of negative energies.  From what I see and hear I generally conclude that most people do not understand what negative energies are and how they work.  I state this because, among other things there are social media postings that proclaim the people will remove negative people from their lives.  Such claims are hard for me to accept because we all suffer from being negative at one point or another.  What is it that makes one person “negative” and another person not “negative?”  Would a person call another negative just because they do not agree on something?

Negative energies work their best when they are not discovered.  Take the first example as it shows how powerful and deceitful the negative energies work.  Allow me to be creative for a moment. A negative energy whispers into your ear that a person “is negative” and you should rebuke or ignore that person.  You share your thoughts and others start to follow your example, ostracizing others under their own judgment.  You begin to feel righteous and continue to add others to you list of negative people, more people are ignore and ostracized and soon you have developed a following of people who now choose to hate all people that display what you have judged as negative.

If you think awhile on this perhaps you could see how easy it was for the negative energies to work on you to make what appears to be something good for you into something much more diabolic.  If you did comparisons on history you could create analogiesAHitler of Adolf Hitler judging people of Jewish faith to be “negative” or the thoughts of the KKK, or biased actions of the group skinheadscalled skin heads.  We can even look at our history and the “righteous” actions of American settlers toward the native American population.  In each of these examples we can imagine a negative energy whispering in a persons ear and then the results as that single thought escalated into hate and destruction.

The negative energies are so hidden and so deceiving that it is even hard for me to write about what they do as I too could be responding to their whispering.  So the question always remains, how do we know what to do?

An answer, for what to do, was given to me a few years ago.  The answer was the basis of my second book, Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

The task I discussed in Perspectives was to see the good in all things for thirty consecutive days. I couple of weeks ago I also blogged about removing negative people from your lives.  Perhaps some of you missed the point that I made there and repeat here.  To remove negative people from your life you must remove negative thoughts from your mind.  Do not worry what another does as what they do does not affect you.  All things that happen with you are a direct result of what you do.

Let’s take another example in Ferguson Missouri of a police officer, a teen ager and the community.  Everything that happened to the teen ager was the result of his choice.  At any moment in the entire event he could have stopped his pending death.  Likewise, for the police officer, everything that happened was by his choice.  At any moment, in the entire event, he could have stopped and said it was not worth it.  toomuchviolenceThen there are the various protestors in communities that cause disruption and damage to their communities and populations, as a whole.  Again, everything that happens is a result of their choice.  Perhaps for some it is worth it, perhaps not. Still the fact remains, whatever happens is a result of the choice of each individual.  Right or wrong something happened that caused more anger, hate and resentment, or for others caused more worry and compassion.  People suffered for a decision made by another.  We can imagine that any point along the way a decision could have been made differently and things would not have ended up the way they did.  On the other hand, if the decision was different, what would have been the result?

Let me give you another example, from what I have read, Adolf Hitler was a sickly child.  Imagine that he had not overcome his childhood illness, how would things in his life time have been different and what would the world look like today?  Better or worse, who can really say.

August 8th of 2011 the Archangel of Patience gave this message.

“That which gives you joy. In her life she will accomplish great things, but only if she opens herself up to accomplish great things. If she is willing to take on the burden then she will accomplish it. She will be plagued with anxiety, impatience, etc. Do not view as negative, but if preserve does it not make you a stronger individual.  Neative energies exist for a purpose, to test our own humanity, our own capability, our own perseverance. If you can overcome then you will be stronger. It is human satisfaction to overcome the great obstacle; to become satisfied with your accomplishments that were set before yourself.

Know that, when you overcome those obstacles. Do not glare upon them as obstacles, only something to overcome, to persevere. We cheer for you.”  — Ylliashon

No matter what the case we can only do our best on each and every day.  If what we do does not feel right then we probably need to reconsider our actions.  If our actions are based on genuine love for another, then perhaps what we do is simply the right thing for us.  As to what happens in the end; no matter what choice is made; God loves you always. Share his love, love always.



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