Last week I asked a question if words matter.  In that posting I also posted an Angelic quote.

“Why that we move with you through time, robes of old to suits of present. TransitionsThat you stay with we at a time, robes of old now robes of present. Thus then, “why robes?” not heard and now “why robes?” not understood.

If then, that “is” was we and “that” was you, “is” was said and “that” understood. And now “that” heard and “was” understood, when “is” not heard then, nor understood now.”

You have had a few days to read and understand the quote above.  To ensure understanding I thought I would explain it again.

In the first part of the quote the Angel asked why we continue to look for them to appear to us in robes.  What he states here is that man has evolved through time, where once clothed in robes we don’t wear robes today, rather we wear suites. (“Suites” being more a metaphor for modern day clothing, much like “Robes” is a metaphor for ancient clothing)  Here is tells us that they (the Angels) have always been beside us; as we have progressed they have progressed as well.  If you read it carefully he is leaving us with a question that we must answer for ourselves.  The question; do we continue to question their existence because we do not see them walking around us in robes?  He goes on to explain that, in the days of robes, people did not ask why they appeared in robes.  He further explains that we fail to understand who they are and how we will see them.

A couple of years ago, during my morning walks, an Angel allowed me to see her several times over a period of a couple of weeks.  She was very tall and thin with sharp facial feathers and clear soft eyes.  She strolled along easily, nodding quietly as she passed.  She could have been any other woman walking the path.  The last time I saw her she was playing with children in a small park.  I stood on the sidewalk looking at her with the children. As she looked back at me I felt at peace with myself.  It was at that point that I realized that the children playing were not physically aware of her presence; I was the only one that could see her there. Except for this difference, she could have been any other woman in the park.

So, he is telling us that the Angels were with us yesterday, they are with us today, and they will be with us tomorrow.  He tells us that we won’t see them in robes, but they will look just like we do.  Do not worry, you will recognize them when you see them; you will feel their love.

The second part of the Angel’s message is about what was said in the past.  He states that words were spoken but the words were not understood.  The result was that what has been repeated over time are the words that were understood, not the words that were spoken.  Those words understood change with the understanding of each speaker until the original message is completely lost.

Many of us have played a word game where we whisper a sentence into someone’s ear whisper what they heard into another person’s ear, one by one, until the last person has heard the sentence.  Then, the last person tells everyone what they heard and understood and we compare that to the original sentence.  It is amazing how the original sentence changes.

When I was working on my Doctoral Dissertation I discovered quite a lot about word communication when I was dictating to my computer.  It was interesting to me that the computer displayed to me the words that it heard, rather than an understanding of what it heard.  I thought about this and created a phrase called Learning By Reference.  What I described was a process where, during communication, we hear something spoken and then translate the words we heard into our understanding of what was heard.  For example, you may speak a word to me that I do not know or understand. If that happens my best option would be to ask you what the word means or perhaps write it down and check it’s meaning later.  In the latter case, I may be so busy trying to capture the word that I lose the words that follow or the context on how the word was used.   The end result is misunderstanding.

The message he gave us was clear, return to the original message to understand what was spoken.

For those that are willing to open their hearts and minds to hear know that  God is love, love is God; love is why we exist.

Understand, with understanding comes wisdom.

Love always


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To see the good in all things with a different perspective

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