Is Knowing Enough?

I sat in the morning, thinking about words I have heard; the stories told to me.  How much of these can I remember?  I heard the words but I am not certain I was really listening.  Some of the words just passed through my ears and then they were gone. They call me the listener but I am often confused as to what it means? I do not have the abilities of clairaudience, yet my mind is often filled with words that can only come from outside of me.  In most cases I attribute these words to my spirit guide, Don. I try hard to remember all of the words, but it is not easy. Still, I try as I continue to be uncertain of why they call me the listener.

On one morning several months ago I spoke of this nick name with zophiel_symbolZophiel. He reminded me that I am called the listener and I responded, “yes, that is what you call me, but I am not good at it.”  He patiently reminded me of my roles as a father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend and then asked me which of these that I am good at doing.  I replied, “I am not good at any of these.” He responded, “True, you are not good at any of these, yet you keep trying, do you think it is any different as the listener?”

I am reminded that the most significant part of being the listener is the knowing.  Knowing about the source of our existence.  Knowing the purpose of the positive and negative energies that surround us.  It is the knowing of God’s unconditional love for all and what God’s unconditional love means.

I will try to explain about knowing in the metaphysical perspective.  From this perspective we are the combination of energy and love, it is who we are.  In thisFear form there is no past, no future, there is only now.  Without past there are no regrets, no sorrow, no pain, no revenge. Without future there is no jealousy, no greed, no cheating, no anger, no worries, no fear.  In the now we simply exist, we exist freely to live and love. To know helps understanding and with understanding comes wisdom.  Yes, I know them; I know of they are with us always. I know they help us endure. I know that miracles happen most often in ways we cannot see at that moment.  I know that we exist before we exist as flesh and blood and I know we exist after the flesh and blood is gone.  I know that we have freedom of choice; freedom of choice is a gift from God.

I asked for more; I wanted to understand the relationship between physical bodythe physical body, the Energy Bodyenergy body and the spiritual body.  I was told that none of these exist, what exist is “me” and “me” is simply energy and love.

I need to investigate this further.  I need to understand more about the part of us that is human. They ask me why I need to do this, is knowing not enough? I cannot answer the question. I don’t know how to answer the question.  I heard what was said I just do not understand because I thought they already knew the answer. Perhaps they were trying to get me to confess to myself the reason I keep trying to explain what has no explanation.

I will try to discuss more about the concepts of knowing in my next book Patience. I do not have a timeline for the completion of Patience as that is outside of now.  For now it is enough to work on it as it happens.

For now it is enough to know.  God loves you, the Angels love you, love always.



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