In Search of Love

Previously I have talked about the source of our existence.  God is love; love is God and it is from God that we come; God is the source of our existence.  To understand this completely we need to firmly establish the connection of God and love because when we fully understand that love and God are the same then we can begin to understand that we search for love because we are made from love, we are in fact love and energy.

Do you know love? I mean, can you define it, use it in a sentence? Do you feel it, receive it, use it? Consider the following:  (excerpts from Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution)

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

Love is an emotion.

Love is pain.

Love is possessing.

Love is a feeling.

Love is caring.

Love is giving.

Now, a sentence:

I love my car.

I love my home.

I would love to go with you.

I just love to eat.

I love to walk.

I love you.

I love it.

I would love to.

Let’s make love!

There are a lot of uses for the  love. If I consider each use, I can find some similar uses; for example, I love my car and I love my home seem similar: owning something. I love to walk and I love to eat may be similar: enjoying something. The word love becomes something different each time it is used; it may be a noun, a verb, an adverb, it can be possessive or a feeling.  The word can be something that you do or would like to do which just means that the word is overused, its meaning has digressed to something less important than its meaning when used in the context of God and who we are.

You hear or read, “God loves you.” You think, “That is nice, I love him too.” Or you think, “Yeah, so why doesn’t he give me a new car, if he loves me so much?” Or, “If he really loves me, then why did this or that happen?” The typical response is to bring the context of God’s love into our understanding and normal everyday use of the word “love,” and that is not what we are being given, that general everyday use of the word.

How can I explain my understanding of the phrase, “God loves you”? I could try to use some adjectives such as total, complete, enduring, unconditional, eternal, pure, simple, unending, extraordinary, deep, wide, expansive, infinite, or fully. I could say that to have a complete and total understanding of his love would mean that you would die, as you could not exist without being closer to it, and the closest way is to be at home, where you feel his love completely. Though we often attempt to describe love, or bound it in terms like as “high as the mountains, or deep as the sea,” the factfear2 is that God’s love is not something you can put into a container or limit by superficial thoughts and expectations. It has been explained to me that God’s love is so absolutely unconditional that even the worst villain of your nightmares is loved unconditionally by him. Yes, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, the rapist, the pedophile, Satan, they are all loved equally by him. “He loves all of his children, even the ones that make him cry.”

The concept of complete unconditional love is foreign to our human thought and capability to understand. If you could really understand how to love like this then you would be given a glimpse of God’s love. BlueWhaleHis love is that deep, and because of the depth of his love, we are given freedom, freedom to choose, choice without conditions or constraints. There is only one rule: God loves us.

The choice of accepting God’s love is our own. What restricts us is only ourselves. We restrict ourselves in what we do, and how we do it. When we allow ourselves to understand that the source of our existence is love and we comprehend  understand that level of love, we would be able to show that same love to others. Thus the thought of taking atrocious actions against others would be eliminated, as the desire to do anything other than love would be eliminated.

We search for love because it is the source of our existence.  “Home” is love and our soul seeks the return to love, the return home.  When I say soul I am really referring to our true self.  As I have stated before there is only one self.  We are the same regardless of what we see in the moment. In our human physical form we block our complete memory of home to allow ourselves to learn. Held within is our memory of home, our memory of the love from which we were created.  Many will deny this truth because it is important for them to do so, it is not time for them to open their heart to this truth at this time.  We do not have a time limit on which to understand, our time is infinity and because God’s love for us is infinite there are no conditions whereby we will not ultimately find the love of which we seek.

God loves you, love always



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