What Does It Mean to Take God’s Name In Vain?

I have recently thought about what it really means to take God’s


name in vain. Today I searched on the internet to see if someone else had also discussed this and found this link: Taking the Lord’s name in Vain – What does it really mean. I think the author captured most of what I have to present, or at least makes a very good introduction.

My thoughts on what it means, and the author mentioned above, is where someone says something and then put’s words that assign those words to God, such as God said this or God wants this, or this is all true under the authority of God. In these cases the presenters claim authority granted by God for the words they speak, and hence they take God’s name in vain, lest they can indeed present enough information to substantiate that God said those words.

“While some people may never think of using that phrase, people all over the Christian religious landscape are breaking the third commandment every day, damaging the Lord’s reputation:

  • “Thus saith the Lord…”
  • “God told me to tell you…”
  • “I have a word from the Lord…”
  • “God says that if you send in this much money, you will be blessed.”

I could go on and on, but you get the point.” – C Michael Patton

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

Many religious text contain words that take God’s name in vain as the authority of the words are implied as given by God. Perhaps it is true, perhaps God spoke the words or perhaps not. The question most of us have is, how do we know?

I have asked this question before. The answer that I received was that 99.9% of the words that enter the mind come from self. Of the other 0.1%, approximately 90% comes from spirit guides and guardian Angels and the last 10% are messages from Angels. I did not receive a percentage for messages that comes from God, but if such a message was received it would consist of a single phrase, “I love you.”

You should not be alarmed with these percentages if you consider the number of thoughts that enter your mind each day.


For example, on one morning when I was allowed a conversation with the Archangel Zophiel he compared the thoughts in my head to raindrops hitting a pool of water. He challenged me to clear my mind in order to see myself. The point is that almost everything in your mind are your own thoughts. If you like or dislike something then have the courage to speak your thoughts clearly as your own rather than try to persuade others to follow or agree with you by claiming that you are just repeating the desires or direction from God.

Over the past few months I have read and subsequently commented to various postings where the author claimed God condemns people because of one idea or morality over another. These posting may help people in some way. If I look close enough I may be able to find the good from all that is said. Honestly, it is what it is. The reason that I talk about this now is simply to bring to light the concept that we all have freedom of choice. In addition, we all have the right to believe and speak to that belief in any way we desire. I do not argue against that right I simply say that if you must, then speak with your own authority rather than take God’s name in vain.

Understand what it means to take God’s name in vain. Understand what it means to believe and speak from your own mind and with your own authority.

Most of all, understand that God loves you, infinitely and unconditionally. So simple, so simple.

Love always,



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