I was considering about what I would post this week and I recalled watching another Koreadrama called Winter Sonata with Mimi.  Much like several other dramas that I have watched with her this one had a similar theme of a triangular boy/girl relationship.

When watching the drama with Mimi I thought about the obsessions of the characters. As in other dramas this one had one male of the triangle obsessing over the girl in the triangle. Though admitting her love for the other male in the triangle the girl obsessed over her desire to protect others from any pain that she might cause.  In the background we have the mother that obsessed over the protection of her own pride and broken relationships.  Each person sees the “right” of their own actions but cannot see the reality of the pain and anguish created by them.

I reviewed the definition of obsession at http://www.dictionary.com. Used as a noun it is the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. So, once again I present the question on why should I write about this word?

I may ramble a bit as I discuss the impacts of obsession. First, because it involves the dominance of one’s thoughts, I cannot consider obsession of anything as a healthy choice.  Further, I am fairly certain that the person that obsesses on something rarely understands that they are doing so.  The result, in a general sense, is that the one “obsessing” brings pain and suffering to others in one form or another.

Let’s consider some examples: For decades there are some that have become obsessed with proving the existence of UFOs while some othersmilitary power have obsessed over proving the existence of the abdominal snowman. There are those that obsess over religion while others are obsessed in proving there is no God. Still, others have obsessed over “defending the world,” while others have obsessed over “removing the defenders” from their lands.

What I am really moving ISISmy discussion towards is the obsession on people to destroy each other. In particular those that work to kill each other in the name of God. In the picture to the left we see a group called ISIS that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse.

There are extreme elements of the Jewish sect that obsess over the TorahTorah, the Christian sect that obsess over the bibleBible, the Mormon sect that obsess over the Book of MormonMormon, and the Muslim sect that obsess over quranThe Quran. Each of these sects act according to what they are taught in order to prove their obedience to God such that they will “go to heaven” upon their death. What they do not understand is that their acts of hate and bigotry only bind, or anchor them to another life for their continuing spiritual education, thus delaying their final return to home.

People obsess over money, power, and sex. They obsess over themselves or others. People obsess over toys, objects and property. They obsess over hate and revenge; the past, present, and future.

For all of the religious sects, let me share some information for you. There are no physical pleasures available to you, or needed by you, when you die. There are no maidens for you to hold, there is no milk or honey, no Grecian temples, and no thrones made of gold and silver. None of these things are needed in the spiritual universe. In the spiritual universe you exist as energy and love, you do not need or desire physical things.

Obsession creates pain and suffering. An example would be the obsession on hate that is propagated by those that war on each other.  People who war on each other demonize their opponents, each side calling upon God to help them destroy their enemy, assuming God would choose one side over another. How is it possible that God would prefer one over another if indeed God’s love for us is unconditional

The point I am trying to get across is that we, as a people, have obsessed over religious differences for centuries. The result has been the escalation of destruction of people who do not share our common beliefs. As those of power moved forward in the eradication of people of lesser power we have created long lasting hate and anger. We have boasted about our power and then justified our existence by showing how “rich” we are and then embellish that existence by “sharing the wealth,” and creating more greed and riches that have been used to suppress the common love that the general population has for each other.

Today, in the midst of terrorism, even the Dali Lama admits that, in the immediate need to suppress terrorism non peaceful means may seem justified. However, the impending apocalypse only can come about by man’s greed and obsessions. It does not need to happen except by that choice of man.

How do we stop all the hate and anger? One of the ways is to address our own obsessions. Know yourself then you will be able to know God and with that knowledge you will be able to know others. Share life, it is the greatest gift God has given to us.


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