If Angels Appeared

IMAG0276I think about my dialogs with Zophiel,zophiel_symbol 113, Ylliachon, and others. I then recall the Angel that walked along the path of my morning walk so many mornings.  Because each of these encounters were so loving, so moving to me, the next logical question is why they do not appear to all of us each and every day?

I thought about the question a couple of times and then put it aside to ponder later. It was interesting to me as I tried to overlay the thought of Angels walking the earth incognito with that of being fully visible to everyone.  As I wrote Transitions

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I would often say that I was given knowledge that I could not keep to myself and therefore I must write about my experiences in  order for everyone to know the Angels are with us always.

One day, without much prompting on my part, the answer to my question was afforded to me. Below I summarize the conversation as best I can recall.

He: You wonder why we do not appear to everyone

Me: Yes

He: We could, for example, choose to appear to everyone. Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden a multitude of us of a sudden decided to appear somewhere, … , NewYorkTimesSquaresuch as New York Times Square. What do you think would happen then.

Me: Millions would rush to that location to see you.

He: Yes, multitudes would rush to see us. At first they would be overjoyed at our presence and they would drop on their knees and thank God. 220px-Abraham-And-The-Three-AngelsThen, they would begin to wonder what we could or should be doing for them and they would start asking for favors, first this and then that. When they asked we would respond that we are not allowed to give them favors. Some would become angry and ask how we could ignore their request for help, after all, we are Angels and what would it hurt if they were allowed to win the lottery.We would respond that is not our purpose. At this they would respond then what good are you?

Me: I could imagine that happening.

He: Yes, what seems at first to be an act of love and compassion becomes a catalyst for negative energy. This is a simple reason to explain why it is best .that we do not appear.

Me: Thank you for explaining.

He: God loves you, we love you

Note: One of the characteristics of an Angelic discussion is that it will always end with words of love. I have not encountered or heard about any other “energy”  those ending a conversation with those words.

In essence, just because you do not see Angels does not mean that they are not among us, teaching us and helping us endure the life we have chosen. There are times when an Angel may see suffering and choose to be born into flesh. I understand this is possible but I also understand that putting so much energy into a human body is very painful for the Angel. To choose to endure that pain is an act of love that touches each person that comes into contact with that person.

God loves you, the Angels love you, love always



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