This week I have thought a lot about the current book I am writing that is titled Patience. In Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

I devoted one chapter to this subject as well. It is a very interesting topic and one that may be misunderstood by so many and thus worth a whole book on the subject.

As I stated, I have thought on this topic a lot recently, not only because I am writing about it, but also because I am working hard to learn how to be a patient person.  In Perspectives

I pointed out the dichotomy of patience in that if you are not patient by nature then the attempt to become patient can simply lead to more frustration and impatience. By this I mean that as I try to practice patience and discover that I are not achieving my goal then I can become frustrated with my failure due to my impatient nature. It’s really not a problem, just a part of the evolutionary process of self development.  What is more important is to understand that it happens and keep trying. After all, athletes train every day; the process of training the mind is really not that much different from training the body.

The past few months we have been preparing to move to Florida. We have an offer/contract on our existing home and are working on getting a new home on contract. That whole process puts a tremendous load on a person’s mind. Each day I remind myself that everything will be ok, all the paperwork and schedules will come together and we will be able to move forward in the next steps to relocation.

For me, the daily challenges that are presented are simply lessons to help me develop. To learn I cannot lock myself in the house away from challenges. It reminds of the day I received the Cherokee Warrior’s shield when he said the shield doesn’t help the warrior that sits in the teepee looking at the shield hanging on the wall. To be of use the warrior must carry the shield into battle.

To learn to be patient I must encounter IMAG0286challenges that put stress on my resolve and as that happens I must recognize that this challenge in front of me is just something to overcome along my path of spiritual development.  No matter what happens God’s love is always there to help us endure.

It is a good day.

God loves you, the Angels love you,

Love always,



2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. jaynefranks

    Good luck with the move. You have just reminded me of what my grandmother who used to say . “Patience is a virtue that is sometimes found in a woman but never in a man” 🙂 Thanks.


    1. perspectivesauthor Post author

      Thank you. I appreciate your well wishes, and the quote from your grandmother, “priceless!” Finding patience is a part of Transitions, “Transitions happen if you want them to.” If patience eludes me then may I understand, with understanding comes wisdom. Love always. Nathaniel



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