What Makes A Long Marriage?

The week started well with Mimi and I returning home after a month vacation traveling to Florida and Virginia to visit family and prepare for our eventual move to Florida. Unfortunately, as week progressed new challenges were presented as Mimi injured her back and the next 5 days were spent in the hospital.  It was on the 2nd night of her stay that we met Tiffany.

Our introduction to Tiffany started off in the standard way each Registered Nurse presents their self as the one responsible for your care. One of those ways include the asking of several questions to the patient to ascertain the level of coherence of the patient who is receiving medications for pain reduction.

First Tiffany asked Mimi for her name and then she asked her who I was. Mimi responded that I was her husband whereupon Tiffany asked how long we have been married. Mimi responded over 41 years. At this point Tiffany smiled at Mimi who had now perked up a bit and asked her what is the secret to a long marriage.

If you have read Transitions or Perspectives you know that our time together has had its ups and its downs, however, there is one single element that

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

provides the bond that acts like a rubber band that holds it together. That element is love. No matter what happens in a relationship, if love exist the relationship can exist.

Early in our marriage Mimi and I often argued on a frequent basis. The arguments did not fit my view of a perfect life.  On one such day, I asked her why it was necessary to argue about so many things, her response

This is the cover of my book

This is the cover of my book

was simply, “you like salt and pepper on your food, don’t you think a little spice in a relationship helps it taste better as well?” My response, “too much salt can ruin the greatest steak.”

As I stated earlier, if love exist in a relationship then the relationship can endure. Perhaps there will be many obstacles to cross but none of those can break apart the relationship if both parties equally desire the relationship to continue.IMAG0274 There is no external force that can make or break the relationship, it is only the hearts of the two involved.

The elements the help love remain include patience, understanding, cooperation, commitment, sharing, courtesy, and communication. Just as the word love is overused and misunderstood, so are these other elements. For example, a person may claim that they are patient and understanding in words only. To be successful actions must support the words.

In Perspectives I also addressed the issue of expectations. Gods_LoveRemove expectations and let peace fill your heart. With love and peace in your heart it iscicada amazing what can be accomplished. Like the cicada, just take the time to eat, sing and love.

God loves you, the Angels love you, love always.



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