Would You Know Him When He Comes

In Transitions I asked my Aunt if she would know him if he came today, or would she “crucify him again.”

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

Many times in the past I asked why he chose to come then, 2000 years ago and not come today. I was curious on why he would choose a time that was limited in communications and travel was mostly restricted to a very small region as compared to world travel today.

As I continued to write and ask questions I was directed to the works of Edgar Cayce. From what I understand from his readings, the one called Jesus has came back 7 times since his crucifixion. What is interesting is that he has been killed each time.

I ask another question, more curiosity I suppose; in any case, biblewhat is religious freedom? Perhaps I should ask it differently, is there any freedom in religion?  Think about it, all those that are so lost in their religious books and rituals seem to me to have forgotten how to live.  Ok, once again I admit that I am being judgmental; I will work on this, however, we were created from love and we will return to love, so how is it possible to impinge on the lives of others if we do not quranknow how to live ourselves?

How would we know an Angel appearing before us, lest the Angel appear in flowing robes and wings to fulfil the image created from years of fruitful imagination. The fact is, unless the Angel wants you to know you will not know they are there. The same is true when we come and we go. When we return,Mormon although we are the same identity, we do not physically return the same as we were then, it is a new life. Some may argue that for the prophets or special messengers of God that they would always return the same but if that were true you would not expect that “he that came before” would have been put to death each time he came back.

You don’t know when you will meet him. You don’t know when the person you are looking at is an Angel that has appeared before you just to let you know you are loved. But, if you did know; if you could see; what would you do different? What would you do differently if an Angel appeared before you and told you that all you know from your interpretation of religious books is wrong? If the Angel told you this would you knock him down, kick him, torture him, crucify him, or cut off his head? Or, would you smile and ask him to tell you the truth such that you become enlightened? If you knew the truth, and it was different from what you knew before, what would you do with the information?

For whom do you wait and how will you know them should they appear? Do you await the son of God? If you are looking for a child of God then look into a mirror. If you are looking for children of God then look at all of those around you.

We are all children of God. God is love  and love is God. Love is the origin of our existence. It is of love from which we come and it is toIMAG0439 love that we shall return. It is not religion that defines who we are, rather, religion is just a tool to help us understand that we are not alone. Religion helps us define rules to teach us how to love each other.

We live in complicated times; it really does not matter the century, the centuries are all the same, it is only the complications that are different. Each complication is just an obstacle for us to overcome. This is what we do, but no matter what we do we are always loved without conditions.Gods_Love

God loves you, love always



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