“oday I looked at a posting on Facebook that showed a mother and her child struggling to survive. The caption was, “Tell me again how hard your life is..”  It is a troubling TellMeAgainpicture, pulling significantly at the heart. I look at the picture and I ask, “why is this necessary?” The answer is one that I do not want to hear, but I struggle to understand.

Some look at a picture like this and wonder why God has forgotten them. However, in truth, God has not forgotten them or any other like them. No matter how it seems, God never abandons any of his children.

Is it God’s job to feed the people, or does that job rest with us? God has given us life but what we do with it is our choice. When I looked into it I found that the budget for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization was about $1.2 Billion. Compare that amount to the annual budget of approximately $5.4Billion for peace keeping. As an organization, the United Nations is a failure because it is not about nations uniting to build and promote a better world, rather it is a playground for rhetoric. (Sorry, I am not supposed to be judgmental.)

Additional headlines reveal the movement of additional groups such as Boko Haram, joining with ISIS to destroy Christians. nigeriachristianHow is it that destruction people is more rewarding than working to feed and protect the hungry and innocent people of a nation?  Please understand, it is for this type of actions that I reject religion.  Religions have been and continue to be tools to exploit the innocent.  Religions are about the books.  The books have become their idols. Radicals use their books as a means to justify their hate and do so claiming it is God’s will. This is hypocrisy at its apex. News Bulletin, God does not live in the books; God does not speak through the books;

God’s will is that we exist. I wrote about this earlier on this site and also in Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life. W

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

hy is that so difficult to understand by the few that wish to create havoc and pain? Yes, I said the few because I believe there are more good people in the world than there are of those that work to bring suffering to those around them.

I would like to imagine that someone doing harm to others would read this and a light would illuminate and they would understand that God is love and love is God. I would imagine they would understand that we are created from love and to love is where we will return. I would imagine that all would read these words and realize the importance of helping others and, working together, create a world of peace and prosperity. I would imagine this as I play back John Lennon’s Imagine in my head.

To accomplish change in the world we must find a way to change our perspectives. IMAG0429We need to understand the different cultures and promote unity without overbearingness. If religion must exist, then religious teachers should promote God’s unconditional love for all, rather than hate and rear. Of course, this is only my thoughts on the matter and honestly I do not have the insight or wisdom to challenge Universal plans for mankind.

I do know that any change of perspectives starts with self. If we cannot remove greed, resentment, envy, hate and gluttony from self then there is no change that we can ever influence.

Understand, no matter what we see; what we hear;

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

God loves each of us equally and unconditionally. God does not favor one above another. God’s love is infinite and in infinity there are no boundaries.

God love you, love always,



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