Hold On

Well, here we are, May 2015, there is so much going on in the world. It is not enough that we must contend with massive earthquakes that decimate a country; nepal-2_20150426_142921taking thousands of lives, but we also must contend with abusive governments, terrorist kidnappings, police and civil unrest, and the normal contention for daily living.

TellMeAgainRegardless of economic status, life has its ups and downs. Some may question if there could possibly be challenges of living at the top of the economic latter while NewYorkTimesSquareothers fail to comprehend military powersurvival when poverty is an economic position well above their current living standard. In some of these situations local warfare puts some into slavery while others fall into refugee status.

When we pull back and look down upon the world from ILight dispersion illustration.a distance we see the lives of the people of the world spread out like light passing through a prism.

Our lives are filled with challenges, challenges that we must overcome in order to fulfill the plan we have created for ourselves in coordination with all of those that we are to share our lives with.   It was a quiet night in August of 2011 that the Angel of Patience came to give us counsel.

8/21/2011 – Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life

“That which gives you joy. In her life she will accomplish great things, but only if she opens herself up to accomplish great things. If she is willing to take on the

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

burden then she will accomplish it. She will be plagued with anxiety, impatience, etc. Do not view as negative, but if preserve does it not make you a stronger individual.. Neative energies exist for a purpose, to test our own humanity, our own capability, our own perseverance. If you can overcome then you will be stronger. It is human satisfaction to overcome the great obstacle; to become satisfied with your accomplishments that were set before yourself.

Know that, when you overcome those obstacles. Do not glare upon them as obstacles, only something to overcome, to persevere. We cheer for you.”  — Ylliashon

Life is about choices. With each challenge presented to us we choose how we will deal with it. But, know this too, the physical life is only temporary, hold on, this is what we do. From all of this we learn, we grow, we come we go.

One, unnamed, came one night. He went outside and turned on the water hose and holding the nozzle up high the let the cold water flow freely over his head. Then he came back inside and walked around the house, picking up things; testing their feel and smell. He finally stood next to the wind chimes, moving the chime and listening to the various tones it made. He was happy, enjoying all that he had seen or heard about but never experienced. Then, he was gone.  He taught us so much that night. He taught us that life is precious. He showed us how to enjoy the gift of life that God has given each of us.

Hold on, God loves you, the Angels love you, love always,



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