Unconditional Love

As today is Mother’s Day I thought that I might write about unconditional love.TellMeAgain when we think about mothers, in our sensitive moments, we attribute their love as complete and unconditional. Perhaps this is true for the majority of mothers, perhaps there are exceptions. Honestly, I do not know as it is impossible for me to see into the heart of another and it is even more impossible to understand how at times we may see an action that seems completely heartless to us but, if we really understood the circumstances, we may learn that the action was performed with only the purest of love and intent.

If we look at the word “unconditional,” most of us have some form of understanding of what the word means but we may not fully understand its meaning. Let’s consider an example where I tell you I will pay you a certain sum of money if you repair the roof of my house. If you agree then 2 conditions are created. The first condition is made by me when I put a condition on the money I will pay. In this example the sum of money is only paid on the condition that you repair the roof of my house. If you fail to repair the roof then the condition is not satisfied and therefore I will not pay the sum of money presented in the offer.

The second condition is made by you. You have agreed to repair the roof of my house on the condition that I will pay you the sum of money we discussed. If I come up to you and tell you that I can no longer pay the money then, if you have not completed the work you may decide not to do the work as the condition is no longer satisfied. If you have completed the work then you can choose to take me to court and seek adjudication for my failure to satisfy the conditions of our agreement.

Now, let’s think about love. I can approach a newly wed couple and ask the bride if she loves her new husband. She most likely will say yes. So I then ask her why. In the next few moments I may hear a list of things that the new husband has done in the past that has created this feeling of love as well as the expectations of the things he needs to do in the future to maintain that love. Examples could be: 1. He is considerate of my feelings 2. He buys me flowers 3. He is handsome 4. He is fun to be around 5. I like his sense of humor 6. He is very intelligent 7. He is strong 8. He is sensitive 9. He is patient 9. His is muscular 10. He is full of adventure.

I then review all the conditions the new bride has placed on her husband in order to “love” him. So, I next ask, “what happens if he fails to meet any of these conditions in the future?”  Perhaps he might stop doing 2 and with age no longer be 3, 7, and 9. With the loss of these conditions she might still choose to accept him because she too has changed a little and has found that these are no longer needed. As we grow we often discover that the conditions we established for our happiness are really superficial so we discard them. On the other hand, as is also the case, there are times that we either add to, or replace our original conditions with new conditions. We may see this in a divorce declaration that claims “irreconcilable differences” which means we just have too many conditions on either side to meet.

When we use the word “unconditional” we eliminate every clause that establishes a contract type of condition that must be satisfied. If I love you without conditions then my love for you exist because of what I do, and not because of what you do.

Try this for a moment.

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

Think about everyone whom you love and the reasons why you love them. Then think about someone you previously loved and the reasons why they are no longer a part of your life. Now, imagine what it would be like if none of the reasons exist, no reason to love, no reason to not love.

If I tell you I love you unconditionally then I love you simply because it is what I do. If I love you unconditionally then my love will never change; I will love you as long as I exist. I was before, I am now and so shall I be in the future, therefore unconditional love is infinite love.

Now I will imagine that I ask God, “why do you love me?”

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

The answer I imagine I hear, “I am.” God’s love is unconditional which means the love exist regardless of what I do. God’s love is only dependent on what God does. The answer, “I am”  means that God’s love will be there as long as God exist, and God existence is unbounded.

Have you had the time to think about this?  How do you feel?

God loves you, the Angels love you, unconditionally,

Love always



3 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

    1. perspectivesauthor Post author

      Thanks Jack,
      I did review one of your postings, it was well written. In Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution, I presented the opportunity to ask an Angel any two questions, and for these questions you would get the exact answer. What question would you ask. One lady said she would ask, “when will I die.” Must like your decision of this moment the question is, “how do I change my life now, such that I do not regret my life on my death bed?” The Archangel Zophiel presented me the question and the answer. The Question: “How do I love more?” The Answer: “Learn to love yourself.” Think on this and then discover more if you like with my books, find them at http://www.transitions828.com. Good luck with your studies and reflections. Nathaniel

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