To Love Yourself

In Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution I discussed the one of the most powerful questions that could be asked of God. That question: “How do I love more?” The answer: “Learn to love yourself.”

Ok, I have talked about the concept of loving oneself to others and I generally get the response that “I do love me.” My judgmental counter is, “really?”  Honestly it is not because all those people aren’t trying to know and love themselves, it is because  what they do and what they say are not consistent to my understanding of what love of self means.

What does it mean to love yourself? Does love of self imply excessive vanity or a out of control ego, or is it something more subtle? The answer can be anything that you want it to be as it only makes a difference for you. Each person has freedom of choice. Freedom of choice is a gift from the Father. Given that you have such freedom you can say anything you want. The next question from me is, “are you ok with this or do you want to know what love of self means?”

Love of self is about eliminating fear from your life.fear2 “Fear,” another complex word in relation to spiritual development. I ask you, “of what are your afraid.” It is a hard question to answer. Are you afraid you wont have enough money; perhaps your house is too small or you worry about what someone might say about your looks or the job you have or that someone will say something bad of you. When you are afraid your emotions move up and down like a sinusoidal wave with first the good things that are said of you and then fall when someone speaks something bad. When you are afraid you effectively give up control of yourself; handing that control to external stimulus manipulated by others.

To love yourself; how do you do this? It isn’t easy, if it was then there would be a lot more people doing it. That’s not an excuse to forgo trying. Rather, it is just something for you to realize.  Realize that all change of self is complicated.  Before starting this complicated path make the decision to open all your hidden wounds, cleanse them so that they may heal. I will recommend a couple of books that will help to start this journey.

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

The first is my book, Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution. The next book is call Samadhi, The Highest State of Wisdom by Swami Rama.Samadhi The first will introduce the spiritual elements that surround us in our daily lives.  It will also discuss the process for uncovering the hidden wounds that you have.  The second book discusses how to take control of your life by taking control of mind.

Self improvement begins with what you do for yourself. Self improvement has no end. What ever always know that God loves you infinitely and unconditionally. Learn to love yourself, the learn to love God. Next, learn to love others.

Thank you and love always



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