What If

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table looking outside.  The weather was cloudy, it has been cloudy for days with occasional rain.  Here in Colorado we don’t get that much rain so it is always a welcome experience.

It was a very lazy afternoon, there was not much that I had planned to do so I just sat and watched the clouds; my mind drifting from one thought to another.  As I sat there I began to think about the pending rain, “it would be nice to have a bit of thunder this afternoon,” I thought out loud, “not threating thunder and no lightning, just a little bit of thunder to blend with the rain.”  I chuckled to myself; it had been raining off and on for several days but without thunder.

A few minutes later the rain came and then the slow roll of thunder. I looked outside, watching the rain come down and listening to the low rumbling from the clouds. Sometimes thunder storms come with dangerous lightning however I did not see lightning I just heard the low rumbling thunder that I had desired to hear.

What if, what if they heard my request and sent the thunder per my request.  Is that possible?  What if it is? If it is, how does that change things? The better argument is that it was a normal thunderstorm that happens occasionally and any thoughts in my head was just superficial thoughts of no consequence. But, what if they heard my request.

I cannot say that the thunder happened because I wanted it to.  I cannot say that, but I can say that my request was heard. My request was heard just like each request I make; just like they hear each request that you make.

We make our request; some just superficial request like asking for the sound of thunder; some much more important to us, like the request for just one more day with the one you love. Whether your request is acted upon is really up to you, or more accurately, your true self.

A few years ago I was driving 50 miles to work each day after taking a new position within the corporation. I was not happy with what had occurred over the past few months and although I had escaped that struggle I was uncertain about my future.  On one particular morning, while driving to work, I was complaining about the way my life was progressing to my spirit guide. It was mostly a one way conversation as was usually the case until I stopped for a second and then heard these words in my mind, “I did not write the plan, you did.” It was so precise, so clear, that I just stopped talking and drove on, quiet, smiling and then I said, “yes, you are right, it was I who wrote the plan.”

Ok, so, what if each time you made a request you got what you wanted?  How would such a thing change your life? If each request you made of God was answered exactly as you requested would it be a good thing or a bad thing for you? What if the Angels appeared before you for all to see, say in New York’s Time Square. NewYorkTimesSquareWhat would you do if that were to happen? What if they gathered there with you and then along came Jesus, just as you 220px-Abraham-And-The-Three-Angelsimagine him to be and beside him was Mohammad, a couple of Hindu Gods and the Buddha, what would you do then?

What if you knew, how would you react? What if you knew, would it change you? What if they were there and therefore you knew, of what would you ask of them? And, if you asked of them and they did not respond to your request as you desired, what would you do then? What if they did not do as you asked, would you deny them then?

What if it did not make a difference if you know or do not know. What if your life is your life just as it is, regardless if they answer your request or do not. If that is the case, how does it change what you do? What if life is just about the choices that you make, just your choices and none other, would that change what you do?

Regardless, whatever you do, God loves you, infinitely and unconditionally.

Love always



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