Spirituality, Is It For You?

I state that I am spiritual, not religious spiritual but God spiritual.  For me spirituality is all about God and the path that I should take to thank God for all that he has given us. Part of my morning walks are about sharing a moment with God to offer that thanks. It is during those walks that I work to clear my mind of all the superficial thoughts that fill my head. The walks I take are about taking time to enjoy all that God has given us.

Oh, yes, I must provide full disclosure. My usual walk in the morning is about 4 miles. I walk a leisurely pace and try to relax and clear my mind of superficial thoughts as I mentioned above. However, I am not good at clearing my mind; I need to try harder because after a few minutes my mind races off; meandering here and there until I catch it and try to reel it in. I’ll honestly tell you that keeping my mind in check is a full time job from which I could easily be fired for my poor performance :).

I work to clear my mind for my own benefit. It does not make a difference to God if I am successful or not. Even though I know this I still want to be able to control the rambling of my mind; to do so allows me to rest, even for a moment it brings me a feeling of peace.

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

In Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life I called this moment “free fall.”

For me the whole concept of spirituality takes me back to my understanding of my ancestral past. On my paternal side there are several branches, at least one of which connects to the Cherokee Indians or “Gods People;” the translation for the name of their tribe. One of my Cherokee Ancestors was a great medicine, or holy man.

On my maternal side there is a lot of connections and branches to religion.  That history is clouded with more than one pastor or minister and my early childhood found me in Sunday School followed by quiet time sitting in a pew listing to the morning sermon. There were Wednesday prayer meetings and in the summer we would often attend local church revivals daily. These revivals were an opportunity to listen to a talented preacher calling on each of us to confess our sins, accept Jesus and then get baptized. First was the  baptism into religion and then baptism into the church. This was necessary to prevent each of us from being condemned to Hell for all eternity.

I could not agree with everything I was taught when I was young so I rebelled against my parents and ultimately rejected religion. I did not ever reject God, I rejected religion. In the 1980’s when my personal life got complicated I thought I needed to find my way back to God and, thinking religion was the only path, I tried to pick up and go to church once again. After a few weeks I discovered that religion had not changed since my youth and once again I walked away.

Religion teaches people not to take God’s name in vain, however, it does.biblequranMormon Christianity, Muslims and Islam teaches to follow God and reject idols however, they create idols that they worship. One of those idols are their religious text. The devote religious swear their books were written by God; by God’s prophets; or by people inspired by God’s will, or something close to this type of reasoning.

Spirituality is about God. My path is a path toward truth and understanding. I seek truth and therefore I must maintain an open mind to listen to what could be. I seek understanding of things that I have yet to comprehend. I hope to share what I discover so that others may make their own decision of truth on what I share. I do not seek consensus or approval, only the opportunity to do what I can.

This morning, while on my morning walk one of my brothers called and we exchanged some pleasantries and humor. He was about to prepare for church so we eventually started talking about how he felt in regard to the messages his pastor had presented in the past. One of the things we noted was the need for people to have something physical that they can attach to in order to accept something that really cannot be explained. Yet, by trying to explain God in human physical terms you really deny the magnitude of our existence.

I understand, God is love, Love is God. God is the source of our existence and love is our purpose. If we seek to know God’s will for us, then I understand that God’s will is that we exist. It is all very simple but we continue to make it hard on ourselves.

If we go to the Christian Bible, in Luke 14.26 we find this verse.  To keep everything in context we should also look at the entire chapter, however, I will just speak to this verse for the moment.

King James Bible
If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

What did he mean when he said something like this? I think that he tried to explain to everyone that they were taught from a book, and that book had a set of rules that their fathers and mothers followed and if they were to follow him they would be rejecting what their parents believed and taught in regards to the book and that rejection would be like hate.

In any case, for me spirituality is about God, is spirituality for you?

Regardless, God loves you always.



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