Lost In Emotion

I sit back and analyze my life and watch what others do in their lives. One of the things that catch my attention are uncontrolled emotions. Uncontrolled emotions are emotions that you are allow to control your body and mind; to do what they want.  These types of emotions are a smorgasbord for the negative energies to feast upon.

But, what about the effects of uncontrolled emotions to all those around you; children, spouse, parents, friends? How do they feel when you let these emotions take control of you? And, then, what about you, how do you feel about yourself after you realize that these uncontrolled emotions have off-loaded a string of hoard remarks and abusive actions on the ones that you love and care for?

Fits of anger, yelling, screaming, fighting are learned, not natural, behaviors.  Much like learning to type or drive a car, at some point you begin to type or drive without thinking about it. You don’t have to think about pushing the gas pedal or stepping on the break.  Instead, the actions for learned behaviors often become routine and reflexive, perhaps even autonomous. The same can be said for emotional outburst. For the person who has practiced patience and understanding, the act of yelling and screaming is very difficult.  For the person that has given up control of their emotions, they have practiced and honed their uncontrolled emotional outbreak skills such that their acts of violence are so routine and reflexive that the acts may not even be remembered; these abusive acts can be autonomous; without thought.

I have lived this life and I understand it from both sides. I have been the person with uncontrolled emotions and I have been the victim of uncontrolled emotions. fear2As the person with uncontrolled emotions I always justified my actions with one excuse or another; blaming others for driving me “crazy.” I have verbally abused my children, coworkers, and supervisors. I have acted without regard to the impact of my words and actions to others. I was often proud of what I said or did; bragging about it to others.

Let’s consider the domain of uncontrolled emotions.  They exist in religion, governments, military, corporations, focus groups, communities, and families. bibleAll it takes to move uncontrolled emotions from one area to another is to move an individual into a new area. Promote an abusive parent into Government and you get an abusive leader.  People that release control of themselves to uncontrolled emotions may justify their actions because of religious doctrine or practice, government policies or perceived responsibilities, or by perceived responsibilities borne of historicaquranl precedent; precedent established by family, political or religious ancestors.

The scope and domain of uncontrolled emotions does not justify allowing yourself to be controlled by them.  Instead, you must realize that you have given up on your own true identity to allow these emotions total and unbridled control. It is only after you understand what is happening are you able to do something about it.  To take back control of your emotions you must desire to do so. Without the desire nothing can change.

We get so lost in our emotions. It is understandable because it is so easy to do, especially when it becomes a habit developed from years of practice.mountain-climber To gain control is difficult if not almost impossible. Perhaps there will be a few days of success and then little things begin to cause emotional irritation and suddenly, similar to the rope holding a mountain climber; the rope breaks and you fall tumbling down into the cauldron of uncontrolled emotions once again.

Can you live with uncontrolled emotions forever? The answer is no, not forever, however you probably can for this lifetime.  The choice is always yours. Is it worth it? That will always be a difficult question to answer. Why difficult? It is difficult because the universe is complicated and we cannot even begin to understand the complexity of billions of life plans and how they interact with each other. That said, we are created from love and it is to love that we will ultimately return. When will we return to love? That too is a complicated question for which the only answer is “when the soul chooses.”

What do we do? How do we do it? It is really up to you, everything starts with self. One person at a time, one soul at a time. If you had the chance, would you like to live in a world where everyone lives in harmony? Would you enjoy a world where your children never suffer and can play safely in your neighborhood with their friends without fear? Would you like to live in a world where there is no hunger and everyone has equal opportunity to work, live, and raise their families with love?  Would you like this? If so, would you help create such a world? In the future I will provide more information on the Center for World Peace and Prosperity.  My close friend Cyd is working on the creation of this center now, it will be great.

Whatever your choice, God Loves You, Love always.



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