God Is Love

Over the past week I have spent the mornings taking the grandchildren to soccer camp.  While waiting for them I had a couple of conversations with a lady about the identity and role of Jesus the  Christ. bibleThe lady declared that she believed completely the teachings of the Bible and that Jesus was the Son of God. I responded that it is true, he was the son of God in the same way that she is the daughter of God. The subject is complex and devote Christians are not ready to accept anything other than what they have been taught for years any more than the devote of any otherquran religion.

It is not my desire or intent to malign what people do because it is their choice and choice is a gift to all from God. What I do present, to those that are interested, is an explanation of the roles of God, Angels, and negative energies. If a person understands those roles then they may be able to better understand their own role in the universe.

God is love, love is God. This is just a simple and complete fact that I have discovered. God’s love is unconditional and eternal.

Angels love each of us as well, equally and unconditionally. Because Angels do not know fear it is easy for them to accept us for who and what we are. Angels assist us to endure the physical life we have chose.

Generally, each of us choose the tools we need to develop our own spirituality. Some develop their spiritual path through the help of religion.  Whatever path a person takes to find God is a good path. If the path should diverge and lead away from God then from a spiritual perspective it is ok because they have eternity to return to the correct path.

Because we are created from love we always gravitate toward love however we are not consciously aware of this. We then complicate our understanding of love by reducing its true meaning

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

by overusing the word. Next, because we live in a physical reality we try to personify God and describe God in physical terms. We attach our emotions to our perspective of God and then teach others of that misguided perspective.

Discover more about God, Angels, negative energies, small miracles and our role in the Universe in my books,

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution or Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

Love Always



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