To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

“That which gives you joy.  In her life, she will accomplish great things, but only if she opens herself up to accomplish great things.  If she is willing to take on the burden, then she will accomplish it.  She will be plagued with anxiety, impatience, etc.  Do not view this as negative. But if you persevere, does it not make you a stronger individual? 

Negative energies exist for a purpose, to test our own humanity, our own capability, our own perseverance.  If you can overcome then you will be stronger.  It is the nature of human satisfaction to overcome the great obstacle; to become satisfied with your accomplishments that were set before yourself.

Know that, when you overcome those obstacles.  Do not glare upon them as obstacles, only something to overcome, to persevere.  We cheer for you.”    — Ylliachon. (Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life)

I spent an hour with my dear friend Cyd yesterday. During our conversation reflected back on the conversation with Ylliachon 4 years ago (quote above). Although his message is clear about the purpose of the obstacles that we put into our life plans, it is not easy to see and understand that purpose as we live our lives. Instead we become focused on the obstacles rather than the beauty of life.

I think about the events as I review all that has occurred in the past year that included my retirement from my job with a Department of Defense Contractor; Mimi’s auto accident; the selling of our home in Colorado; the purchase of our new home in Florida; the complexities of moving our home; and the work to make our new home a part of us.  Merge these events with other normal life events and from these comes various opportunities and lessons toward the development of my understanding and patience.

As Mimi and I have progressed through this time I have often found myself focusing on the Transitionsobstacles. Each time I have done this I also seen myself losing my patience and becoming frustrated with people that surround me.  Often I have become upset and then I cruelly criticized contractors and salesmen who I had contracted to do work in our new home. At times I have caught myself becoming upset and have worked to pull myself back from the edge to take a closer look at what was really occurring.

Ylliachon states that negative energies exist for a purpose but what does that really mean to the individual struggling though the obstacles they are confronted with, at the moment of that confrontation? It is much easier, after the event, to reflect back and say to yourself that you should have done this or should have done that, after all the emotions of the moment have dissipated. The goal is to understand this at the moment of confrontation. If you are able to understand this then you will understand that the only confrontation that exist is the confrontation that you create. Thus, if you do not wish confrontation then do not create it.

Regardless of what happens, always remember this simple and infinite fact, God loves you unconditionally.

Love always.



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