From Where Does Evil Come?

IFrom where does evil come? Indeed, this is a complicated question as we appear to be assaulted each hour by some sort of evil atrocity. As a boy I would sometimes be asked why I would do this or that and I might teasingly respond that the devil made me do it.

Is the devil really that busy, creating all sorts of havoc to our existence? If so, why? If I interpret what I was taught as a boy I would answer it is simply to fill the coffers of hell. But it doesn’t seem the devil needs to do anything but wait as religion tells us that everyone is destined for hell lest they abide by all the rules of the book and no one can follow the rules all the time. Of course religionbible also gives us an out, for example, Jesus forgives us of all our sins according to Christianity and then the Muslims only need to die in some sort of religious war on the behalf of God. Buddhism does not teach God or devil or hell so I don’t know what happens to them and Hinduism has an abundance of Gods so the devil has its work cut out there for sure.

But I digress. Please forgive my rhetoric. What I am trying to say is that something doesn’t make sense within our religious studies when it pertains to the source of evil within the world so I look for a better explanation.

In the Gospel of Mary MagdalenGospelofMaryMagdalene the disciples asked  their teacher to tell them the source of evil. The response that they received was surprising because their teacher responded that evil does not exist in the world, except in the hearts of man. Then, more surprisingly, within quranThe Quran we find a section where it is stated that if you ask him, the devil will say “blame me not.” In that simple verse the message that I took away was that it is man’s choice on what they do and if they choose to follow an evil path then so be it the devil did not make them do anything (“..if I call you and you answer that is your choice…”).

If the source of evil is the “hearts of man,” then what puts it there? We are not born with evil in our hearts so if it exist then something must have placed it within. I ponder this and can only come to the conclusion that it is put there by our environment. Perhaps this is true, perhaps not, but as I think about it and then make observations about various behaviors in different societies, then those observations substantiate my hypothesis.

Let me give you an example. fear2 Consider people that are born and raised in the area of the Gaza Strip. In that area people are more prone to hate the people on the opposite side of the fence from where they live. Compare that to the people on each side of the border to every other country in the world. With few exceptions that hate does not exist.

If we can successfully argue that evil is created by the environment then the next question comes when two people come from the same environment and one is filled with hate and the other is filled with love. The question: Why are the two people different? Each person is different though their environment is the same. One will see things one way and the other see things differently. For example; one can see the good in all things and the other only the negative.  I try to understand what happens in this situation and I if I consider the verse in The Quran then, given all else equal, that the negative energies whispered into the ear of each and only one chose to answer.

Ok, so, today I have reached the end of this discussion. I hope that, as you come to this point that, as you ask yourself from where evil comes, that you have opened your minds to the concept that evil only comes from within each person as a product of their own choice. Perhaps you will want to go back and read about The Evil that surrounds us and Negative Energies.  Whatever the case, always remember a some simple facts. First, we are here by our own choice and second, no matter what we do God loves us unconditionally.

Love always


Read more about negative energies in Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution. Transitions


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