In The Beginning

Genesis 1 King James Version (KJV) “1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” -

“In the beginning…;” which beginning, at what point? Do you think this is a funny question? I think it is important to understand this first paragraph of the Bible as it establishes the format of the information that follows.  Why do I say this? My answer is always the same for all religious text. The answer: religious text are written by man for man however religion makes their books holy.

Let’s consider the concept of infinity. In mathematics and infinite series has no end, it can be infinitely large or infinitely small. An infinite series in mathematics has no beginning and no end. Carry this mathematical truth into the spiritual universe which is also infinite then we can realize another truth that in the spiritual universe there is no beginning, there is no end.

The next concept is the one of God and the source of God. According to the Bible, Exodus 3:14, Moses asked God his name and God replied, “I am.” I have found it interesting in the multiple conversations that I have had with the Angelics, when I asked them their name they generally responded that their name was not that important, however, if I needed a name then they would give me the name that I could call them. In any case, why did God answer in this way? The response seems similar to what the Angels have said, the name is not important; it is only important that I am.

In another situation, I had a dream one morning a few months after my mother passed away.  During that dream I went into a building and found my mother sitting in her wheel chair with two other people. I walked up and asked why she was there and “How are you.” Her response continues to play back in my mind each time I think of that special dream.  She raised her head up high, turned toward me and said, “I am.”

“I am.” This is a very powerful statement. For my mother it meant that everything was as it is, there is no pain, no suffering, no sadness, no happiness as we think of it. All that she is, is as it has always been, she simply exists. I discovered later, after evaluation of everything in the dream that I had been allowed to visit a place called the “Transition Zone.” Although there were many things to discover there the one thing that stood out was who we are, whether here or on the other side. To put it simply, we are.

When I reread the verse in Exodus I discover the same simple expression from the Father to Moses, “I am.” In this simple statement that is provided we get a picture of past, present, and future. When Moses ask who he is he simply states that he exist. He exist past, present, and future in terms of our physical reality. On the other side however, there is no past, no present and no future. On the other side there is only now. The reason is that time, a function of our physical universe, does not exist on the other side.

In Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution, I tried to explain the difficulty of writing about the spiritual universe.

My book,

My book, “Transitions”

The idea of spirituality can be described much like a mathematical singularity. A singularity is a zero-dimensional object that has no width, height, or depth; it is a point and easily exists in the mind or in theory. The difficulty is in proving its existence. A singularity can be described in great detail by mathematicians, but the moment that someone tries to represent it or depict it, then it ceases to be what it is defined to be. Even if you were to draw the smallest point possible on a piece of paper, through some form of measurement the height, width, and depth can be ascertained. It has become a three-dimensional object; it no longer is zero-dimensional. This is the problem that I have with writing about spirituality. I cannot represent correctly on paper that which cannot be defined. The only thing I can do correctly is tell you the story of what I have witnessed and done.”

It is very hard to explain accurately, and convincingly, a condition where time does not exist and equally difficult to explain the pure meaning and nature of infinity. InfinitySo I can understand the difficulty of people accepting anything that is outside current thinking that is honed by cultural and religious teaching. So, although the Bible teaches that God’s name is “I Am” then I think it inaccurate as I say that God did not respond to Moses with his name. My statement is definitely contrary to what you read in Exodus and may be contrary to what you may believe. However, it is very consistent with the response I received from my mother and what I would expect to hear from someone in spirit.

TorahI understand that the authors’ approach in religious text is necessary and certainly they may have realized the difficulty of explaining spiritual concepts in cultures that were yet to develop a complete understanding of the physical world that they could see much less the spiritual world they could not see.  So, if I apply the statement in Genesis to a need of the authors to personify God in order to convince their audience then I can accept that. What I cannot understand is, after thousands of years, we do not seem to be willing to ask what beginning does it speak of when Genesis 1 states “In the beginning.”  I could infer that the beginning quranMormoncould be that moment when earth was created, or perhaps it was the creation of our solar system or perhaps the Galaxy. Perhaps it was none of the above. Perhaps the verse is just like the first paragraph of a nursery rhyme, just something used to start the tale, “once upon a time.”

Is it important to know the meaning of the phrase? Is it important to know of what time it refers? No, I don’t think it is that important. The reason I mention it is to present to you the idea of the difficulty of the authors to present something in their work that could be accepted and followed by the public. There was a need to establish rules of living within a society to promote the common welfare of the masses and although there are many  rules that need to be followed still, there are others that are not applicable to the societies we have today.

If we begin to understand the purpose of religious books as implements to teach others to live in organized societies, and we then review the periods of the writings and develop an understanding of the methods religion was used by some to promote their own power over those same people, then we can begin to understand how religion is still being misused today to promote disharmony in the world. Note: religion is not a bad thing, it is the misuse of religion that concerns me.

In terms of God, there is no beginning, there is no end, God is.

Love always



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