Freedom of Choice

I was reading a book on shamanism a few days ago and the author said that the concept of freedom of choice in religion is only found in Christianity. I stopped and went over that paragraph again to ensure I understood what the author was saying. Ok, I can accept that the author has his perspective though I do not see it exactly that way.

Really, what can I possibly know, I am much too young to know everything I would like to know. I have heard things said and from those words I have tried to learn. It is not always easy to do this as there are the words spoken and from the listeners perspective there are the words that were understood.

I was in a meeting several years ago and someone asked me a question, “Doctor Riddle, how can we …” I thought for a moment and then I outlined a course of action to solve the issue at hand. What occurred next was interesting because the people in the room spent the next half hour explaining to each other what I said. In that entire time they never asked me for further elaboration or clarification, they only twisted my words to support their position of how to proceed.

This is the way things have been in the past and so they continue to be today. Words are said and words are understood but what is said and what is understood are not necessarily the same. So, I said that I heard words spoken and although I listened carefully to the words the best that I can do I simply tell you what I understood.

A lot of what I heard said I put into my book Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution.

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I will forego the complete descriptions of the discussions to focus now on just a subset. In one such dialog the Angel spoke to me about one person’s anger toward another.  I had sought help to change the heart of another to remove the hatred. The Angel asked me why I would want to inflict my will on another. The Angel said that the Father has given each of us Freedom of Choice. The Angel then asked if I thought that I knew better than the Father such that I would remove Freedom of Choice from the other.  The person had the right to choose between love and hate. The Angel then reminded me that I also had the same freedom of choice. At the end of the conversation the closing was the same as always.  “We love you.”

The conversation with the Angel was not a religious discussion but rather a Universal discussion with one of the keepers of Universal Knowledge.  What is Universal Knowledge? Well, by some estimates the earth is around 4 billion years old. InfinityOf the 4 billion years human existence, as we know ourselves to be today, has only been around 10 thousand years. You may argue the figures but in terms of billions, thousands are very small. In terms of infinity, billions are even smaller.

We can say we know; we can say we understand. We can say it meant this or we can say it meant that, but how do we know. I say I know something because I was told. The Angel spoke and I understood it this way, Freedom of Choice is a gift from God to us. You can deny that I had such a conversation; you could say I am delusional or something like that. However, it will not change what happened, what you believe or do not believe only affects you. I share what I understood because I can.

What is this gift from God that is called Freedom of Choice?  Freedom of Choice is not a religious thing. Rather, it is a gift from God to us; something we receive the moment we are created. It is about balance in the Universe. It is up and down; left and right; dark and light; love and hate. Without one there is not the other. If we wanted to live without going through the ups and downs of human life then we would simply stay “home.”  Positive and negative energies exist in order for us to grow. It is very difficult to understand at the human level, however, at the spiritual level it is understood that nothing bad can ever happen to us; we will always return home safely no matter what happens in this human form.

8/21/2011  – From Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life

“That which gives you joy. In her life she will accomplish great things, but only if she opens herself up to accomplish great things. If she is willing to take on the burden then she will accomplish it. She will be plagued with anxiety, impatience, etc. Do not view as negative, but if preserve does it not

This is the cover of my book

This is the cover of my book

make you a stronger individual.. Negative energies exist for a purpose, to test our own humanity, our own capability, our own perseverance. If you can overcome then you will be stronger. It is human satisfaction to overcome the great obstacle; to become satisfied with your accomplishments that were set before yourself.

Know that, when you overcome those obstacles. Do not glare upon them as obstacles, only something to overcome, to persevere. We cheer for you.”  — Ylliashon

I discussed Freedom of Choice in Transitions, as a part of the discussion of positive and negative energies. You will need to read all of the footnotes as well if you want to capture all of my thoughts on how this choice was given to us; how it was necessary to separate Light dispersion illustration.light and dark such that we will always have a choice.

God loves you,

Love always



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