It is a Time for the Holidays

We come to the end of another year, Bodhi Day has past, Hanukkah is coming to an end, Christmas, Pancha Ganapati, and Yule are approaching quickly followed by the new year celebration.

Each celebration has its own meaning for each religious or secular group. These are times to spend with family and friends to share love and compassion.

This is a time to remember; remember who we are and why we are here. If you know from where you come then you will have a greater ability to understand where you are going.  It is important to know that hate,anger anger, and violence only creates more hate anger and violence.  On the other hand, love creates more love.Gods_Love God is Love, Love is God; Love is the most powerful force in the Universe; Love is the source of our creation.

Around the world holidays seem to have become a commercial venture. Department stores and other merchants push us to increase our spending to get the latest and greatest products as Governments use holiday buying as a means to show the health of the economy. People become addicted to the concepts that they can show their love with many gifts, then later, they may spend the following weeks regretting their excessive spending.

It is a time for the holidays. It is a time to enjoy family, friends, and each other. It is a time to remember from where we come. It is a time to rejoice. Understand, we are all here together. We have chosen this time to share; to learn; to grow. This is what we do.

Over 6 billion of us come to share this planet earthtogether. Over 6 billion of us know how love feels. Some of us may feel lost and rejected; some of us may feel forgotten. Now is the time to reflect. It is a time to look into our hearts and discover the love inside. Tomorrow we may forget this feeling of love.  Perhaps we will hide it all away for another year and on the next holiday pull that feeling of mutual love and NewYorkTimesSquaretrust out once again to share for a few glorious days. Perhaps some will begin to realize that they can feel the love inside for another day, then another and another until the feeling is no longer something to think about, it is something that just is.

It is a time for the holidays; it is a time to share our love.  God loves you, love always.




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