I Can Only Imagine

All that happens within our space begins in a single moment. When I think about that moment and what it took to get all of the pieces and players together at that instant it is truly unimaginable to me.  I can only say WOW!earth

What is this miracle that we call life? How is it possible that we are here breathing, talking, planning, building, creating? There was a time that we were not here and then we are. Try to imagine a billion years. That is another wow. They tell me that the earth is around 4 billion years old and we have been here a micro fraction of that time yet still we are here at this time. Other creatures were here much longer than us but they are gone and now we are. Wow!

It is difficult for me to imagine 1 billion years let alone 4 billion years and then I think about infinity. What is infinity? Perhaps I could say that infinity is home as it is from where we come. Infinity has no beginning; it has no end but it is from where we come and to where we shall return. So, why is this place called earth where we reside in our reality of time and space that important to us? They tell me what we are here to learn. We are here to learn something but what?

Perhaps you know the answers to these simple questions, perhaps not. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it does not matter as we live the life we have chosen without memories of the home we have left and to which we will return. But, for me, it is nice to imagine. For me it is nice to imagine that we are here for a great purpose; a purpose to fulfill God’s plan for us. Do you know of the plan? Do you often imagine that God has chosen us for something miraculous? If you think about it long enough perhaps you might think as I that life is miraculous. Then, perhaps you could surmise that God’s plan for us is much more simple than we might imagine. God’s plan for us: that we exist. I am.

God Loves You.

Love Always





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