Truth Is

Truth is not created by the propagation of the masses. What is true simply is. The question I generally ask is, “How do I know what is true?”

A truth is unchanging. What was true yesterday will be true today and will be true tomorrow. On the other hand we often have perceived truth. A perceived truth is truth that is created by popular understanding. One of the examples that I often use of a perceived truth is the shape of the world. In the times of Christopher Columbus the popular understanding was the world was flat, thus a perceived truth that was later proved incorrect.

From a spiritual perspective I sought to discover the truth of our physical body’s relationship to our spiritual body. I tried to create an overview of the physical attributes and the energy body. If I could understand these bodies then perhaps I could find the connection of our human body to our spiritual body. As I thought about this I would also think back on my out of body experience in 1973. What I found interesting was my view of myself while I was out of body. During that moment I saw myself simply as I am. However, what was different was the knowledge that I had in my head. For example, there was someone calling me to come but I told them it was not time. It was not time to leave; not time to die. How did I know?

I have often discussed that day when I left my body. Again, what I found so intriguing was my memories of that experience. I remembered everything that happened as I fell into darkness; as I stopped and hovered in space; and as I spoke with others whom I only saw as shadows. I recall the sound of one’s voice, a voice much similar to my paternal grandmother. I recall my response that it was not time and then my return to my body. As I talked of these details with my son during the latter part of 2015 I was briefly introduced to another who simply asked if I was certain that I remembered everything or did I only remember what I was allowed to remember. If I only remember a portion of the experience then what is the complete truth?

What is the truth? If I see it, if I hear it does that mean that what I see and what I hear is truth. Allow me to think on this a moment. If the other side is infinite then it has no beginning and it has no end. I will hypothesize that if there is no beginning and no end then it is timeless. Now, if you agree that our reality is based on time, then in terms of the other side our reality is undefined, much like division by zero. If then, we are undefined, in terms of the other side and from that perspective we are just an illusion.

If I consider our reality as an illusion then I could almost imagine that our reality and thus our existence is pointless. However, I cannot imagine that God would create us for the purpose of a pointless existence. There must be something deeper; more meaning that is not visible to me. There must be a truth that is yet to be discovered.

If I imagine a movie, then I can imagine a temporary reality that is created by the writers and producers that timeless. This means that no matter how much time passes we can always see that movie in the same time space that it was created. No matter how many times we play the movie it will always be the same. Would you then surmise that it was pointless for the movie to exist? I think not. I think everything has its purpose. We can watch the movie time and again and then discuss with each other the purpose the writers and producers intended. If the writers and producers of the movie are still around we can ask them their intent, but, depending on what others have said will they change and say their intent was now different than it was then? How will they be swayed by the opinion of the masses on whose money they depend for their fortune?

So, what I see within this reality may or may not be truth as it is dependent on the reality from which it was created. What I see here, what I hear here could only be a  spiritual illusion that was seen or heard by me for some purpose that I can only imagine. Yet, from inside this reality it all looks real, it all looks like it has purpose but when I was out of body, on the other side, it also looked was real and with purpose.

So I asked, what is the connection between the physical body, the energy body and the spiritual body. The answer was interesting andEnergy Body I still think on yet in order to better understand. “There are none of these, there is only you.”  Only me? Does this mean that what I see is an illusion of myself? If I am an illusion of myself then why do I put so much importance on this illusion? There must be something else that I am yet to be told or I have been told and I am yet to understand.

Why do I discuss illusion at the same time that I discuss truth. The reason seems simple to me. Consider that the illusion feeds the imagination. As we let the imagination loose we begin to create new realities. Consider the battle between the Shiites and Sunni. Both religious sects imagine themselves as the direct decedents of Mohammad. Due to that argument the two sects go about killing each other. gazastripIt is ironic as Mohammad was a peace loving man. The same argument can be presented for each of the religions. Each argues they are the correct religion and that all else is evil. The imaginations of each feed the illusions, trust is replaced with anger and anger leads to hate. The cycle of hate continues for thousands of years.

Truth is that we exist. We exist for a purpose and that purpose could be good, it could be bad. Whatever purpose is set before ourselves it is up to us to discover it ourselves from a plethora of choices and obstacles that we have set before ourselves.

It is good if we make it good, it is bad if we make it bad. Gandhi_TruthBut the determination of good or bad will often be determined by the perspective of one over another. On the battle ground each of the opponents think themselves good and the other side bad. The truth of each will always be hidden even by the historians.

Truth is truth by its own nature. Neither the individual nor the masses can make truth non-truth or the non-truth into truth.

The singular and greatest truth that I know that is ever the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God loves us all completely and unconditionally, no one more or less than another, regardless of background, religion,  or ethnic origin.

Love always









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