Talking With Angels

In August of 2014 I spent 20 minutes in a live radio interview with Stu Taylor. You may listen to this interview  by going to my web site and selecting the links to the audio clips.

I enjoyed speaking with Stu. At one point he asked me about talking with Angels and asked about it saying he had never spoke with an Angel. I responded, “Are you sure?”

One morning while I was walking my usual path I saw a young lady walking toward me. I was captivated by her. She was very tall and thin; her steps gliding silently along the walkway. As I drew closer I noticed the sharp features of her face. I saw the soft gaze with which she looked at me; her face so filled with peace and love. As she passed she nodded to me as I whispered “good morning.” I encountered her at the same location a couple of times then another time I saw her walking away from me. The last time I saw her she was in a park area playing with some children. I was fairly certain that they could not see her sitting among them.

Have you ever encountered an angel?zophiel_symbol It is hard to know when you are blessed with an angel in your presence. They do not all appear as a tall thin young lady. However they appear will always be dependent on the situation. Perhaps you will never see an angel but always know that they are always with us, not to alter our lives but rather to help us endure.

I have talked with Angels. The greatest message that they have ever given me is that God loves us all unconditionally. Isn’t that awesome?

Love Always,





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