First Up, then Down

I feel so great today, God has surely blessed me. Everything is going well, I rejoice is all that is happening. I pray every day and I am unhesitant to acknowledge that God is pleased that I am following the plan he has for me.  Wait…

Something happened. Things are changing; the bills has piled up then I lost my job. I struggle to support my family and then I get sick. What is this, I ask God. What did I do wrong? Has the plan changed, am I being called to do something else? “God, what is your new plan for me?” I am confused.

First up, then down, what is this roller coaster ride that we call life? Is it God’s plan to build us up to see how we handle the high and then “bam,” pull the rug out from under us to see what we do when we are at our lowest?

It seems strange that God would treat us this way, yet when we read the Bible we find that this is what happened to Job. Job was a good man; a hard-working man who was devoted to God but then, God and Satan wrecked havoc on Job’s life to satisfy a bet. Does this happen to everyone, are we just cards on the table for God and Satan to wager on?

Ok, you caught me, but it is just a story to show the difficulty I have with the book of Job and what could be called the popular belief of Christians that God favors some over others. There is the implied that we can ask God to promote us over others; that God will strike down those that we do not like or that we war against.

I have heard people say they are following God’s plan for them or that they will wait for God to show them the way. Ok, perhaps I will try to help out here and perhaps save you some time.

First, I must say that whatever you choose to do with your life is alright with God. God never tells a person what to do. God never gives direction. If God were to speak to you then you would hear one thing only; “I Love You.”  And to hear those words spoken could really change your life, no other words are needed.

Does God have a plan for you? I would say that God’s plan for you is the same as God’s plan for the other 6 billion people of the world. The plan is that we exist. Wow, that is so simple, all we need to do to satisfy God’s plan for us is exist. Do we need to do anything special during that existence? Nope, nothing is required of us by God. Isn’t that awesome?

So, where does all the direction come from, the thought that I should do this or that I should do that? I could say, “God told me to do this …” but I would not be telling you the truth. So who told me to do this or to do that? The answer, I told me to do this or to do that.

Yes, it is true, 99.9% of the direction we get comes from our self. If we are awaiting God’s direction to do this or that, then we have a very long wait. In some cases I suppose this could be a good thing because by waiting we may prevent ourselves from doing something foolish, but the opposite is also true that we may miss an opportunity that we should have taken.

So, what about those ups and downs? Why does that happen? Why is it that one day everything is going great and the next day, “bang” it is all gone? Well, it may be that arrogance has stepped in and blocked us from listening to others thus causing a rift that we are too prideful to repair. We  become the beneficiaries/victims of our own changing personality.

Swami RamaSamadhi taught that we should learn to control our mind. By taking control of our mind we can view the ups and downs the same, it is just something that happens. I would suggest that if we are able to better control our minds and see things that happen with equal measure then we would be less likely to create animosity among our peers. With control of the mind we can eliminate our fear and if we are not afraid then we can begin to appreciate who we are, no matter what we are doing.

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Always remember God loves you no matter what you do.

Love always




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