Looking For A Better Day

Most of you already know that I have no political or religion affiliations. Yet, it may be confusing that I post some of these political items and send many comments to DJT and HRC via twitter. I know that each of these people and the masses that support them have an equal right to do so. That does not bother me. What does bother me are the lies and corruption. Corruption in Government has been prevalent for thousands of years and occurs no matter who has the power. With power comes money and lots of it. When a person gets too much of either then their biggest fear is losing one or the other. To protect power and money these people will do and say anything to keep it.

History has shown this. Present day antics of the political elite show this. Present day actions of corporations seeking their own profits show this. Economic elitist play their monetary games, building their wealth while the people suffer.

Consider this, a city decides to build a sports stadium. Money is borrowed and the money brokers make millions of dollars in the brokerage deal. mile_high_stadium_on_july_13_1995The people who pay for those deals are the taxpayers. Ignorantly we accept this one trickle at a time not realizing its overall impact to our daily lives.

Wealthy people become more wealthy and poor people get more poor. Housing and education suffer. As it deteriorates more people cannot get a job because they are not qualified or the jobs have left to another country.

Things get worse, unable to pay the bills the Government increases taxes and more jobs are lost. The nation borrows more money and then comes a time when it can no longer pay its debt. The people suffer and then there is anarchy. It is a sad story bore out so many times in history.

What can we do to alter this path? So easy to ask, so hard to answer. Where in history have we seen any nation turn around on its path of self destruction?colosseum-rome However, we have seen individuals who have been able to turn around from adversity. Sadly, all the things that an individual can do should not do by Governments. Governments should not declare bankruptcy. Governments should no liquidate certain assets.

Governments can become responsible, but only if the people force it. The people must reject the status quo and push for redevelopment of the country.

Do not trust that someone else will speak your voice. Stand up and speak for yourself. The elites will only do what is good for them. Understand this and speak up.


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