If I Could Change the World

Greed, hate, resentment, and anger, feed off each other like ravenous lions at the kill. They are allies and foes, only love surpasses all.

Do you remember me? We sat together and dreamed of all we could do.Gods_Love How beautiful it would be. What happened, do you remember me?

gazastripWhat happened, did we forget? Did we get addicted to the greed, power, anger, and lust? We were going to change the world, build, help, and love each other.

Dreams and hopes and aspirations, jobs and homes and education. How we live and how we perceive, all is possible when we believe.

Our dreams, our hopes, our plans, we sat together so long ago; we vowed we would change the world.

Do you remember me? Have you forgotten what we said?   I too can hardly remember the words, we were so young, sitting there, laughing and planning.HappyPeopleWorkingTogether If we only could do this, everyone would have a job. If we could only do that, everyone would have a home. How could we have known how we would change as the drug of success pulled us down into an endless addiction?

Here we are today, addicted to our policies, doctrines, and procedures. It is no longer about what we can do, it is only about keeping what we have. It is no longer about changing the world, it is now about protecting the books, the churches, the political parties, and the profits.

We thought we could change the world and as we thought the negative energies looked upon us and laughed. “You go change the world if you like,” they teased, “We will gladly lend a hand.” Then they whispered chameleontheir words, first this and then that as our dreams and hopes faded to greed, jealousy, and resentment  We thought we were doing right as we slowly changed, like chameleons in the forest, until now. Here we sit, locked in our addictions that we can not even understand or see. How can I change the world when I can hardly change me?

God loves you

Love always



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