End Of Another Year, Something New Comes

Another Wow! 2016 comes to an end. It has been quite a year. For me a lot has happened over the last two plus years and now I look forward to a new year and new memories. I think it will be fun.

Each day is always a new fresh beginning. For some this may not be their reality. Perhaps the end of one day just stretches into the next with no change. For some each day is a struggle to survive. If it is not one thing then it is another that threatens their very existence. While that happens, each day I talk about the great mornings. I talk about the beauty of the birds singing and the peaceful feeling of the wind blowing against my skin. I often seem to take life for granted and only worry about small insignificant things while others fight for survival.

I feel bad and good at the same time. I feel good that we all woke up on a new day and that new day presented us with an opportunity to do something to change the world. I thought of the passionate anger against others in the home and community that I was raised. I decided that I did not want to live my that way. I recall my peers in school doing mean things to people of different color or social status. It was very sad, I took no part in it. I had friends of all backgrounds, it did not matter except that they were people that enjoyed spending time with me and I enjoyed spending time with them.

I can recall returning home for a visit while on leave while in the US Army. I felt funny that people that I thought were my friends rejected me. I thought I knew the reason but it did not matter. I had changed and they had changed, we were now on separate paths. I discovered that was ok as I now look to the future each and every day. I admit that recently I have thought quite a bit about the past but a recent dream has enlightened me to the fact that it is the future path that I must apply my energy.

I bid farewell to the year 2016. 2016 will now be a part of my memories along with all the years that proceeded it. Those memories will include things that were both joyful and sad. That’s ok, it is a part of life.

Let’s all welcome the coming new year 2017. My 2017 find solutions that will help people live and work together in peace and harmony. May people set aside their anger and hate that they have inherited and propagated and put their attention on the future of their children and grandchildren. May they set aside religious and cultural difference and welcome their share diversity. May each learn to understand the other, if not for self, for the future.

Whatever the choice, remember always, God loves us all, equally and unconditionally. We are all God’s children, love always.

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