A Place Called Home

#spirituality Home is always a special place.home When things get rough then home is a place you can go to find refuge. Home is a place of safety and comfort. At home you may receive the hug that will make a bad day go away. If you are happy home can share that happiness with you when sad home can erase help ease the pain and bring joy back to your heart.

Always let joy and comfort fill your heart and the hearts of the ones you love as you prepare for bedtime. Let everyone relax a moment to they may all sleep peacefully.
When you arise in the morning, let the morning be peaceful and happy. Share a hearty breakfast with love and happiness so that the coming day will be easier for everyone. Starting with a warm heart you can share that warmness all day long. Such warmth will be met with more warmness and love as the day progresses. It is very hard to be angry when you are surrounded by love.

Home is a place of safety, protection, love, and nourishment; nourishment of the body and soul. 

If you have had a difficult day, stop at the door, lift your head up and ask God to take all the bad energy away. Slowly breath in the positive energy of home and breath out the harsh day.

If you have had a good day, stop at the door, lift your head up and thank God for all the blessings of the day. Slowly breath in the positive energy of home and breath out any negative energy from the day.
God has given us the gift of life. Know that we can make every day a special day if we try.
Remember, always love and protect the ones you love. Let home be a place you always look forward to coming back to.

There are many places in the world where homes have been destroyed and distraught families have no place where they can return. Innocent families seek a place of refuge but their world and hopes are disrupted by political motives and actions of rebel and terrorist factions. Governments and people shut their doors to people in need which only results in more anxiety and despair. When people are filled with anxiety and despair they will look for any means to overcome those conditions even if it involves becoming a part of rebel or terrorist groups. The need to provide for family can overcome any thoughts to right or wrong. Given enough time the wrong will become right.

Think about it, if there were 9,999 innocent people on a sinking ship sinkingshipand in that group there were 5 terrorist, would you attempt to save all those people or would you let them all die on the sinking ship to protect yourself from the 5? The decision may be easy for some and difficult for others. The answer will always depend on your own view of life.

Governments and religions have made decisions like this for thousands of years. In order to promote the good of their own policies and beliefs these organizations have promoted the destruction and annulation of people, groups, and countries. In fact, entire civilizations have disappeared under the guise of  the greater good. My father used to tell a story of a man, from Texas during World War II, who bragged that he would be fined more for killing a deer out of season than he would for killing a black person.koreabeforedivision If was such a sad story but more sad was the way the super powers split up the world at the end of that war. Today we are experiencing the constant unrest of the world due to those decisions.

I do not have the answer.


All I have is the sadness I feel in my heart. I remind people to review the impacts of past decisions before making syriabeforeafterdecisions that affect other people of the world. What may seem right this moment may have a prolonged and negative impact.

Let home be a place of refuge. Help people find their homes.

God loves you all,

Love always




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