About the Author

In February, 2009 a significant and extremely spiritual event changed everything I could imagine of the universe. Since that moment I have been allowed to listen and observe to the interactions of the spiritual universe with us. This interaction has been so moving that I could not hold it to myself, rather I have written this book to share with you all that has occurred. I could not write a “how to” book, but instead I have tried to share with you my past, that you may understand the significance of this gift from God.

I have spent many years of my life in educational and work pursuits, earning a Doctorate In Computer Science in 2002 while working 50 or more hours per week in software and systems engineering management. I recall the powerful emotional effect of receiving my Doctorate but it was small in comparison to the education I have received as a part of the interactions I reveal in this book.

I continue to write in order to share what I have discovered. Some of what I have discovered has been documented in other work of spiritual people and other information is not found elsewhere.

God loves you.

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. grammatteus

    Fascinating! I too had a significant spiritual experience in that month. I wrote a brief blog at the time “My Journey From Death’ but it has lain largely untouched while I’ve been agonising on my theology blog.

    I’m currently writing a book on my search for Christian contentment, which became renewed in the past few years. I think I’ll purchase your book on kindle… when I finish reading the three separate books I’m reading currently on paper and kindle, lol! Always like to get different ‘perspectives’ and assimilate thoughts.



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