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Its Only Physical

Since as long as I can remember I have been uncomfortable with my physical body. Perhaps, it is because of that feeling that I have abused it.  The physical abuse I have put my body through has varied, the most significant of which is my obsession with food.  I think it is more about the taste of food than the desire for food itself.  Because of this obsession with taste I frequently eat much more than I need to survive. When it comes to eating, I simply live to eat. I don’t eat because I am hungry, I eat to satisfy my taste buds.

Early in life we are taught about our physical senses; touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. My preference to these five has always been taste, then sight and touch. I don’t listen very well and I generally admit that I don’t have a good sense of smell. If I am honest with myself, I must also admit that my sense of taste is not that great either as I can rarely discern different flavors or spices from each other.

I can say that I am obsessed with the taste of food yet when I investigate it further I discover that I don’t know anything about the specific taste of food. With me it is more like I am presented something to eat and it taste good so I eat it for the taste. I don’t think I have always been this way. What I have come to realize is that I can fast for many hours with no problem whatsoever, however, the moment I taste something I continue to eat even after I am full. It is a physical thing. In my mind I do not want to eat but the physical body insist on another bite. I call this a physical obsession. Physical obsessions block our connection to our spiritual self (true self).

Try to understand the difference between the physical self and the spiritual self. The physical self is only temporary. Although temporary our physical existence is important. If the physical was not important then we could not be here. We life a physical life and we must provide for our physical needs. The question I ask myself is at what point due I stop serving the physical and instead serve the spiritual?

Now, consider the spiritual self. The spiritual self is always. You are who you are whether in physical or spiritual state. There is only one self, which I call the true self. Although we cannot recall what it is like to be outside the physical in the spiritual state, the spiritual state is still very important for us and should not be ignored as it is who you are. That said, you should not worry about who you are, rather consider the principles of what it means to live a good life (physical state).

Life is a miracle. The beauty of our existence is indescribable, from the moment we are created by God, to the moment of our first transition, it is a miraculous event. Understanding this miracle opens my mind to understand what it means to be in the physical state. No matter what I do or say while in the physical state, in the end, I will always return to the place of love (spiritual state). From love we are created and to love is where we return.

What we do between those two transitions are important to us. Although it is the spiritual self that defines who we truly are, the physical self takes priority and redefines who we are as the current physical self.  Understand, the change is only temporary. No matter what happens to the physical self, at the moment of transition you always return to the true self.

We live our lives for a purpose; a purpose that we create and we should continue to do so. Our earthly plans are far more complex and integrated than we could ever imagine. In fact, even the step to take the time to read this posting and then talk to another about it could be woven into someone’s plan. For others, the reading of this posting is only a “free option,” and option without purpose. Whatever the case, what we do is important to us and that is why we do it. What I suggest is that we do not ignore who we truly are while we live this life.  After all, it is only physical.

God loves you regardless of what you do.

Love always





Put Whom First?

I was driving down the street and passed a church with a sign outside that said, “Put God first and you will always be happy.” I thought about this statement and honestly I do not think that it is correct.

God is very important in our lives, however, if God was first and foremost then we would need to ignore family and friends. In a world where God is first we may begin to dishonor people who do not think like we do. If God is first then we may start to do things in God’s name that was never intended by God, perhaps even start wars and destroy people and nations for what we think is right, in God’s behalf.

If we were created to put God first then why would we have come here to live? Something doesn’t make sense to me. We come to live here as the people of the world with different thoughts and different beliefs. If we put our belief in God gazastripabove others, then how do we ever live in peace and harmony? If we cannot live in peace and harmony how can we ever by happy? Looking at the image left, I think about what happens when people put God first.

So, whom do we put first? I was given a chance to ask two questions of an Angel. I did not know the best question to ask and when I discussed the importance of the questions with him he suggested a good question to ask is, “How do I love more?” So, I asked the question, “How do I love more?” He replied, “Learn to love yourself.” If this is the answer to a good question then perhaps I should put myself first, if I am to be happy.

If I put myself first then it implies that I ignore others for my own benefit. I don’t think I can do it this way because if I ignore my family then they are not happy and as a result I am not happy. Because I enjoy family I put them first and that makes me happy and because I enjoy being happy am I in effect putting myself first by putting them first?

I enjoy being liked by others so I make them important in my life. I used important rather than first because if others are not family and family is first then they hold a place between me and family. Is that true? HappyPeopleWorkingTogetherThere were many times when I placed work above family. Still, work provided an income which was important for my family to live and therefore by putting work first above family I was able to provide for my family which made them happy resulting in me being happy and because I did lots of good work my employer and co-workers were happy.

Given that all of the above is true, it would suggest that if we put others above ourselves and work together helping each other live that in the end we have put ourselves first because what we have done is made our self happy.

Whom do we put first? Think about it awhile and perhaps you will see that we need to put our selves and each other first in order to be happy.

Regardless of what you decide, God Loves You.

Love always,






To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

“That which gives you joy.  In her life, she will accomplish great things, but only if she opens herself up to accomplish great things.  If she is willing to take on the burden, then she will accomplish it.  She will be plagued with anxiety, impatience, etc.  Do not view this as negative. But if you persevere, does it not make you a stronger individual? 

Negative energies exist for a purpose, to test our own humanity, our own capability, our own perseverance.  If you can overcome then you will be stronger.  It is the nature of human satisfaction to overcome the great obstacle; to become satisfied with your accomplishments that were set before yourself.

Know that, when you overcome those obstacles.  Do not glare upon them as obstacles, only something to overcome, to persevere.  We cheer for you.”    — Ylliachon. (Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life)

I spent an hour with my dear friend Cyd yesterday. During our conversation reflected back on the conversation with Ylliachon 4 years ago (quote above). Although his message is clear about the purpose of the obstacles that we put into our life plans, it is not easy to see and understand that purpose as we live our lives. Instead we become focused on the obstacles rather than the beauty of life.

I think about the events as I review all that has occurred in the past year that included my retirement from my job with a Department of Defense Contractor; Mimi’s auto accident; the selling of our home in Colorado; the purchase of our new home in Florida; the complexities of moving our home; and the work to make our new home a part of us.  Merge these events with other normal life events and from these comes various opportunities and lessons toward the development of my understanding and patience.

As Mimi and I have progressed through this time I have often found myself focusing on the Transitionsobstacles. Each time I have done this I also seen myself losing my patience and becoming frustrated with people that surround me.  Often I have become upset and then I cruelly criticized contractors and salesmen who I had contracted to do work in our new home. At times I have caught myself becoming upset and have worked to pull myself back from the edge to take a closer look at what was really occurring.

Ylliachon states that negative energies exist for a purpose but what does that really mean to the individual struggling though the obstacles they are confronted with, at the moment of that confrontation? It is much easier, after the event, to reflect back and say to yourself that you should have done this or should have done that, after all the emotions of the moment have dissipated. The goal is to understand this at the moment of confrontation. If you are able to understand this then you will understand that the only confrontation that exist is the confrontation that you create. Thus, if you do not wish confrontation then do not create it.

Regardless of what happens, always remember this simple and infinite fact, God loves you unconditionally.

Love always.


God Is Love

Over the past week I have spent the mornings taking the grandchildren to soccer camp.  While waiting for them I had a couple of conversations with a lady about the identity and role of Jesus the  Christ. bibleThe lady declared that she believed completely the teachings of the Bible and that Jesus was the Son of God. I responded that it is true, he was the son of God in the same way that she is the daughter of God. The subject is complex and devote Christians are not ready to accept anything other than what they have been taught for years any more than the devote of any otherquran religion.

It is not my desire or intent to malign what people do because it is their choice and choice is a gift to all from God. What I do present, to those that are interested, is an explanation of the roles of God, Angels, and negative energies. If a person understands those roles then they may be able to better understand their own role in the universe.

God is love, love is God. This is just a simple and complete fact that I have discovered. God’s love is unconditional and eternal.

Angels love each of us as well, equally and unconditionally. Because Angels do not know fear it is easy for them to accept us for who and what we are. Angels assist us to endure the physical life we have chose.

Generally, each of us choose the tools we need to develop our own spirituality. Some develop their spiritual path through the help of religion.  Whatever path a person takes to find God is a good path. If the path should diverge and lead away from God then from a spiritual perspective it is ok because they have eternity to return to the correct path.

Because we are created from love we always gravitate toward love however we are not consciously aware of this. We then complicate our understanding of love by reducing its true meaning

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

by overusing the word. Next, because we live in a physical reality we try to personify God and describe God in physical terms. We attach our emotions to our perspective of God and then teach others of that misguided perspective.

Discover more about God, Angels, negative energies, small miracles and our role in the Universe in my books,

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution or Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

Love Always


Finding Patience

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

In Transitions and again in Perspectives I have written about patience. The basic idea that I have presented is that trying to be patient for an impatient person only creates more impatience. So the question remains, how do I find patience?

I started writing my next book, Patience, last year but have taken a few months off in order to move from Colorado to Florida and to evaluate where I am in terms of the ability to write about patience. Obviously it is important to fully understand a subject before attempting to present anything about it in a conversation let alone in a book. I also think it is important to consider the environment that I am in. What I mean by this is that it is easy to practice patience when surrounded in a quiet pristine environment, however I must be able to be equally patient when caught in a complex social environment of missed expectations.

As I have stated before, I cannot find patience by trying to be patient, instead I must work on my personal traits that create barriers to my ability to be patient. These traits consist of my tendency toward frustration, my prideful nature and my runaway ego.

An example of barriers are ego, pride and frustration. For example, this morning I was making gluten free waffles for breakfast. After making a couple of very nice waffles I decided they were a bit heavy and tried to thin them down a little. I overdid this and the next waffle stuck to the waffle iron and then fell apart as I tried to clean it off. Naturally I was a bit frustrated with the results and then I started getting all kinds of helpful instructions on how to improve the quality of the batter and on how to keep the waffles from sticking to the waffle iron. Next, additional hands intervened to help clean the waffle iron. At this point, given I was frustrated and overwhelmed with help.

A combination of negative energies fed my emotions and I snapped out at my helpers, saying, “I have done just fine until now making these waffles I really don’t need help right now.”  Yes, you are correct, I really did not need to respond in this manner and, true again, I

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

obviously reset on my day count as once again I failed to see the good in the help that was offered.

I cleaned to waffle iron, fixed the batter and then continued preparing the waffles until, of a sudden, the waffle iron came apart at the hinges and then, being electrical, the wires shorted out and I tripped a circuit breaker. That was ok, I was alone when all of this happened, in a nice pristine environment. The family was out on the deck eating waffles as I was finishing up and I was able to simply respond by unplugging the failed appliance; resetting the circuit breaker, and then finishing up the remainder of the batter by cooking a few 3 inch pancakes. The small pancakes were a hit with my granddaughter who immediately scooped a couple into her plate.

It has been a long year, so much has occurred. First was the planning for retirement, the final days of work and suddenly the day came but was preceded by Mimi being injured in a near head-on collision. We have spent many months seeing doctors and physical therapist. At the same time we put the house on the market and began our search for a new home in Florida. The house sold, the new home was bought and then we began the arborous task of moving. Yes, it has been a long year and the opportunities to discover the barriers to being patient have been numerous. I shall look back on those days as I once again begin working on my third book, Patience.

Do you want to find patience?  I think the best way to discover patience is to not look for it. Honestly, patience is always there; it is just hidden by obstacles created by uncontrolled emotions fueled by negative energy. Those obstacles are removed by love. When I stop trying so hard and let myself go I can enjoy all that is around me. When I am enjoying everything I do not have time to let negative emotions fill my head.  Instead my whole being is filled with joy and love.

Everything is okay, all is good, each day a glorious new beginning. Being patient in a pristine environment is easy but we do not normally live in such a place. Our lives are more likely to be surrounded by un-necessary drama and unconstrained emotions. In such situations we need the capability to practice patience and understanding. In these past few months I have failed many times to do so.  For that failure I apologize to all of those that may have been impacted by my failures. I understand I am on a complex journey, but then that too is just life. I reflect back once again to the drawing made by he who said I could call him 113.  After telling him what we say in the drawing he told us that he had drawn a picture of life. “I know what I drew but I like what you say you see in the picture as well. This picture is much like life, it is what you make of it.”

Thank you for sharing your time with me. God loves you, the Angels love you.

Love always


If Angels Appeared

IMAG0276I think about my dialogs with Zophiel,zophiel_symbol 113, Ylliachon, and others. I then recall the Angel that walked along the path of my morning walk so many mornings.  Because each of these encounters were so loving, so moving to me, the next logical question is why they do not appear to all of us each and every day?

I thought about the question a couple of times and then put it aside to ponder later. It was interesting to me as I tried to overlay the thought of Angels walking the earth incognito with that of being fully visible to everyone.  As I wrote Transitions

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I would often say that I was given knowledge that I could not keep to myself and therefore I must write about my experiences in  order for everyone to know the Angels are with us always.

One day, without much prompting on my part, the answer to my question was afforded to me. Below I summarize the conversation as best I can recall.

He: You wonder why we do not appear to everyone

Me: Yes

He: We could, for example, choose to appear to everyone. Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden a multitude of us of a sudden decided to appear somewhere, … , NewYorkTimesSquaresuch as New York Times Square. What do you think would happen then.

Me: Millions would rush to that location to see you.

He: Yes, multitudes would rush to see us. At first they would be overjoyed at our presence and they would drop on their knees and thank God. 220px-Abraham-And-The-Three-AngelsThen, they would begin to wonder what we could or should be doing for them and they would start asking for favors, first this and then that. When they asked we would respond that we are not allowed to give them favors. Some would become angry and ask how we could ignore their request for help, after all, we are Angels and what would it hurt if they were allowed to win the lottery.We would respond that is not our purpose. At this they would respond then what good are you?

Me: I could imagine that happening.

He: Yes, what seems at first to be an act of love and compassion becomes a catalyst for negative energy. This is a simple reason to explain why it is best .that we do not appear.

Me: Thank you for explaining.

He: God loves you, we love you

Note: One of the characteristics of an Angelic discussion is that it will always end with words of love. I have not encountered or heard about any other “energy”  those ending a conversation with those words.

In essence, just because you do not see Angels does not mean that they are not among us, teaching us and helping us endure the life we have chosen. There are times when an Angel may see suffering and choose to be born into flesh. I understand this is possible but I also understand that putting so much energy into a human body is very painful for the Angel. To choose to endure that pain is an act of love that touches each person that comes into contact with that person.

God loves you, the Angels love you, love always



I was considering about what I would post this week and I recalled watching another Koreadrama called Winter Sonata with Mimi.  Much like several other dramas that I have watched with her this one had a similar theme of a triangular boy/girl relationship.

When watching the drama with Mimi I thought about the obsessions of the characters. As in other dramas this one had one male of the triangle obsessing over the girl in the triangle. Though admitting her love for the other male in the triangle the girl obsessed over her desire to protect others from any pain that she might cause.  In the background we have the mother that obsessed over the protection of her own pride and broken relationships.  Each person sees the “right” of their own actions but cannot see the reality of the pain and anguish created by them.

I reviewed the definition of obsession at http://www.dictionary.com. Used as a noun it is the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. So, once again I present the question on why should I write about this word?

I may ramble a bit as I discuss the impacts of obsession. First, because it involves the dominance of one’s thoughts, I cannot consider obsession of anything as a healthy choice.  Further, I am fairly certain that the person that obsesses on something rarely understands that they are doing so.  The result, in a general sense, is that the one “obsessing” brings pain and suffering to others in one form or another.

Let’s consider some examples: For decades there are some that have become obsessed with proving the existence of UFOs while some othersmilitary power have obsessed over proving the existence of the abdominal snowman. There are those that obsess over religion while others are obsessed in proving there is no God. Still, others have obsessed over “defending the world,” while others have obsessed over “removing the defenders” from their lands.

What I am really moving ISISmy discussion towards is the obsession on people to destroy each other. In particular those that work to kill each other in the name of God. In the picture to the left we see a group called ISIS that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse.

There are extreme elements of the Jewish sect that obsess over the TorahTorah, the Christian sect that obsess over the bibleBible, the Mormon sect that obsess over the Book of MormonMormon, and the Muslim sect that obsess over quranThe Quran. Each of these sects act according to what they are taught in order to prove their obedience to God such that they will “go to heaven” upon their death. What they do not understand is that their acts of hate and bigotry only bind, or anchor them to another life for their continuing spiritual education, thus delaying their final return to home.

People obsess over money, power, and sex. They obsess over themselves or others. People obsess over toys, objects and property. They obsess over hate and revenge; the past, present, and future.

For all of the religious sects, let me share some information for you. There are no physical pleasures available to you, or needed by you, when you die. There are no maidens for you to hold, there is no milk or honey, no Grecian temples, and no thrones made of gold and silver. None of these things are needed in the spiritual universe. In the spiritual universe you exist as energy and love, you do not need or desire physical things.

Obsession creates pain and suffering. An example would be the obsession on hate that is propagated by those that war on each other.  People who war on each other demonize their opponents, each side calling upon God to help them destroy their enemy, assuming God would choose one side over another. How is it possible that God would prefer one over another if indeed God’s love for us is unconditional

The point I am trying to get across is that we, as a people, have obsessed over religious differences for centuries. The result has been the escalation of destruction of people who do not share our common beliefs. As those of power moved forward in the eradication of people of lesser power we have created long lasting hate and anger. We have boasted about our power and then justified our existence by showing how “rich” we are and then embellish that existence by “sharing the wealth,” and creating more greed and riches that have been used to suppress the common love that the general population has for each other.

Today, in the midst of terrorism, even the Dali Lama admits that, in the immediate need to suppress terrorism non peaceful means may seem justified. However, the impending apocalypse only can come about by man’s greed and obsessions. It does not need to happen except by that choice of man.

How do we stop all the hate and anger? One of the ways is to address our own obsessions. Know yourself then you will be able to know God and with that knowledge you will be able to know others. Share life, it is the greatest gift God has given to us.