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For me spirituality is about God. God is love and love is God. When I think of God I think of all things as God gave life so that we could share in all things.


Our Spiritual Path and Symbol of the Archangel Zophiel


The simple concepts that I presented above are much more complex in how we interpret them. Our actions speak loudly in our understanding of what it means when we say we are spiritual. For example, I could climb up to a high mountain meadow, sit down, and silently pray to God. I could sit there praying for hours, days, or weeks and people could pass by me and say, “that is a very spiritual person.” Perhaps they would be right, perhaps not. If I separate myself from all things that God has given me then I may be lost in self absorption.  If I am lost is self absorption then it will be hard to claim that I am spiritual.

Spirituality is about love and compassion. Spirituality is about working with people and those that are both close and far from you. The closest person to you is yourself and you are your most challenging student. You must understand that if you cannot teach yourself then how can you ever teach another?

I thought to tell a story here about another but I stopped. I asked myself what right I had to make such a judgement. My best example to give is always about what I have did and the many challenges that I have faced, face now, and will face. There was a time many years ago that I sought out help from the US Army Mental Hygiene office and then from a local church clergy. Neither office could help me then because I was lost in self absorption and self pity. I went through some very dark times and through that darkness I finally saw a flicker of light. No, there was not an immediate “wang/bang” explosion and then some sort of “enlightenment.” Rather, I discovered there was someone else in the world besides myself.

God gave us a beautiful gift that allows us to reproduce. The reproductive design is very amazing if not miraculous and to top it off he attached many nerves to enhance the physical feeling during the process and then added a couple of extra attributes that would allow us to know the beauty of pure love. Have you ever thought of it that way? Have you ever thought that the design was intended to help us understand perhaps God’s heart as he created all things?

Look there, my granddaughter is upset because she cannot control all things. My daughter is upset because she cannot stop her daughter from being upset. Grandma is upset because her daughter and granddaughter are fighting and my daughter’s husband is upset because the anger will soon be turned toward him. Grandpa watches it all and wonders why this all happens this way as he recalls the words that tell him there is good in all things, you just need to find it. Grandpa struggles to find a solution and then pulls out is phone and starts up the camera. “Look everyone,” he says, “let me record this session for you.” Suddenly everyone calms down, the night has become peaceful once again and then we start the process of working on one problem at a time. Everything will always be ok if we let love lead the way but we must first find something that allows us to get our attention to where it should be.

We should first learn to love ourselves. You will know you have achieved this first step when you are free of anxiety that is created by worry of what another may say, do or has. Self love means that you do not cycle between happy and sad based on the whims and emotions of another. Rather, you are very comfortable with who you are.

The second step is learning to love God. To fully understand yourself you need to understand from where you come and why you exist. This discovery will not be some esoteric revelation but rather a simple understanding. With that understanding you will come to realize that there are others who have came from the same source. Now you are ready for step three.

On step three you look at the miracle of life. At this step you see your parents, siblings, spouse and children differently. When you look at them you realize the wondrous joy of sharing a common background or chosen connection for future creation. At this step you let your heart open to experience the universe around you. You are now ready for step four.

At step four you discover the universe. At this step you discovery your own connection to the universe and learn that all creation comes from the same source.  At this step you learn to love everyone equally and without judgement.

I have given you a very simple outline toward spiritual development. The spiritual path is not a short path that is accomplished in a day, week, month or year. The outline that I presented may not be achievable in a single lifetime. Today we must not worry too much about where we have been before. Today let us look at where we are now, then look to where you can be tomorrow. No matter how daunting it may seem all things are possible if you let love lead the way.

Spirituality if about God. God is love.

God loves you always, unconditionally and with infinity.

Love always





Put Whom First?

I was driving down the street and passed a church with a sign outside that said, “Put God first and you will always be happy.” I thought about this statement and honestly I do not think that it is correct.

God is very important in our lives, however, if God was first and foremost then we would need to ignore family and friends. In a world where God is first we may begin to dishonor people who do not think like we do. If God is first then we may start to do things in God’s name that was never intended by God, perhaps even start wars and destroy people and nations for what we think is right, in God’s behalf.

If we were created to put God first then why would we have come here to live? Something doesn’t make sense to me. We come to live here as the people of the world with different thoughts and different beliefs. If we put our belief in God gazastripabove others, then how do we ever live in peace and harmony? If we cannot live in peace and harmony how can we ever by happy? Looking at the image left, I think about what happens when people put God first.

So, whom do we put first? I was given a chance to ask two questions of an Angel. I did not know the best question to ask and when I discussed the importance of the questions with him he suggested a good question to ask is, “How do I love more?” So, I asked the question, “How do I love more?” He replied, “Learn to love yourself.” If this is the answer to a good question then perhaps I should put myself first, if I am to be happy.

If I put myself first then it implies that I ignore others for my own benefit. I don’t think I can do it this way because if I ignore my family then they are not happy and as a result I am not happy. Because I enjoy family I put them first and that makes me happy and because I enjoy being happy am I in effect putting myself first by putting them first?

I enjoy being liked by others so I make them important in my life. I used important rather than first because if others are not family and family is first then they hold a place between me and family. Is that true? HappyPeopleWorkingTogetherThere were many times when I placed work above family. Still, work provided an income which was important for my family to live and therefore by putting work first above family I was able to provide for my family which made them happy resulting in me being happy and because I did lots of good work my employer and co-workers were happy.

Given that all of the above is true, it would suggest that if we put others above ourselves and work together helping each other live that in the end we have put ourselves first because what we have done is made our self happy.

Whom do we put first? Think about it awhile and perhaps you will see that we need to put our selves and each other first in order to be happy.

Regardless of what you decide, God Loves You.

Love always,




Peace Comes From Within

This morning I sat in my office listening to the rain outside my window. The gentle drumming of the rain accompanied by the flow of water down the eves provides a wonderful symphony to my ears. As I sat back and listened I could also hear the birds singing. It was such a peaceful moment. It was peaceful because that was what I chose.

Peace comes from within. There is no external force available that can bring peace to you. You are always in control of what happens within. This may be hard to believe or understand when it seems the world could be falling apart all around you. However, it is one of the simple truths.

I do not always feel at peace. Many times I let frustration and impatience dominate my mind. When that happens it never helps me accomplish anything. Rather, frustration only leads to anger. If I would allow it, anger would lead to hate. Such a path is never a good path. When I find myself on this path I must immediately stop and take notice of all that is around me. There is good in all things so I just need to find it. By looking at what is happening around me, and evaluating the cause of the frustration that I feel, I can work on understanding. With understanding I can reduce my frustration and bring peace back to my mind.

Alternatively, I can hide behind excuses that this or that happened; that they did this or they said that. I could let other things control my mind, but what benefit is it to me that I would give control of my mind to some external influence?

It is not an easy task to break the pattern of anger and frustration.


To see the good in all things with a different perspective

We all have our pride, we have our desire, we have our beliefs. However, these types of emotions are not always used in the most productive ways. When used negatively we impose our own will upon others and then they too suffer their own frustration and anger. To break the cycle of frustration and anger we can only start with ourselves. Yet, when we are able to effectively eliminate our own frustration there is no guarantee that the frustration felt by others will equally be eliminated. What we will see is that we will no longer feel the personal impact of how others interact with us.

Peace comes from within when you are able to change your perspectives.

God Loves You.

Love always



The Search For Patience

Though I walk along this path, patience still eludes me. IMAG0285I know this simple truth. I am reminded of this truth many times during the day as I go about the act of living. I struggle to be patient in conversations with my family, as I talk to contractors and service people helping me at my home, or when on the phone with other service providers. I struggle with my patience as I criticize myself for my own faults and misgivings. I am a very impatient person with a desire to learn patience.

I wonder about patience. I have met many people whom I consider to be patient and I ask myself how they became that way. Are people born patient or do they learn patience? Perhaps people are born patient and then some, like me, learn impatience.angry I know that we learn many things differently and that difference can be the result of the family and social environments wherein we are raised. If I grow up in a high stressed environment then that environment can have a significant impact on my emotional development.

Impatience can lead to frustration; frustration to anger; anger to hate. Hatred and has caused significant irrational behavior of the people of the world. Was this all driven by the social environment from wherein they were raised?

I don’t think that I can place all of my impatience on my environmental past. Sure, I can acknowledge that my past has shaped me from both a positive and negative perspective. fear2However, once I developed cognitive thought, from that point onward I had the responsibility to make my decisions based on what I knew. If I did not know then I had the responsibility to learn; a responsibility to expand my cognitive abilities.

Things can occur that are not always consistent to how I would prefer. When this happens I generally try to correct the such things to my preference and if I fail I begin to fell frustrated. When I allow it the frustration can often become overwhelming to the point that I become angry and lash out verbally against another. In the distant past I was did not limit myself to verbal abuse. Time has evolved and I have evolved along side of it however, I have yet to arrive at the point that I can always sidestep frustration.

In my next book, Patience, I will address the obstacles that I have encountered as I work to modify my behavior from being impatient to being patient. The path to patience is a journey not a destination, a journey that is worth taking. I am willing to take that journey. I am willing to overcome the obstacles that I place in front of myself so that I may learn.

“Understand, with understanding comes wisdom.”

God loves you, love always



Talking With Angels

In August of 2014 I spent 20 minutes in a live radio interview with Stu Taylor. You may listen to this interview  by going to my web site http://transitions828.com/news-events_263.html and selecting the links to the audio clips.

I enjoyed speaking with Stu. At one point he asked me about talking with Angels and asked about it saying he had never spoke with an Angel. I responded, “Are you sure?”

One morning while I was walking my usual path I saw a young lady walking toward me. I was captivated by her. She was very tall and thin; her steps gliding silently along the walkway. As I drew closer I noticed the sharp features of her face. I saw the soft gaze with which she looked at me; her face so filled with peace and love. As she passed she nodded to me as I whispered “good morning.” I encountered her at the same location a couple of times then another time I saw her walking away from me. The last time I saw her she was in a park area playing with some children. I was fairly certain that they could not see her sitting among them.

Have you ever encountered an angel?zophiel_symbol It is hard to know when you are blessed with an angel in your presence. They do not all appear as a tall thin young lady. However they appear will always be dependent on the situation. Perhaps you will never see an angel but always know that they are always with us, not to alter our lives but rather to help us endure.

I have talked with Angels. The greatest message that they have ever given me is that God loves us all unconditionally. Isn’t that awesome?

Love Always,




Truth Is

Truth is not created by the propagation of the masses. What is true simply is. The question I generally ask is, “How do I know what is true?”

A truth is unchanging. What was true yesterday will be true today and will be true tomorrow. On the other hand we often have perceived truth. A perceived truth is truth that is created by popular understanding. One of the examples that I often use of a perceived truth is the shape of the world. In the times of Christopher Columbus the popular understanding was the world was flat, thus a perceived truth that was later proved incorrect.

From a spiritual perspective I sought to discover the truth of our physical body’s relationship to our spiritual body. I tried to create an overview of the physical attributes and the energy body. If I could understand these bodies then perhaps I could find the connection of our human body to our spiritual body. As I thought about this I would also think back on my out of body experience in 1973. What I found interesting was my view of myself while I was out of body. During that moment I saw myself simply as I am. However, what was different was the knowledge that I had in my head. For example, there was someone calling me to come but I told them it was not time. It was not time to leave; not time to die. How did I know?

I have often discussed that day when I left my body. Again, what I found so intriguing was my memories of that experience. I remembered everything that happened as I fell into darkness; as I stopped and hovered in space; and as I spoke with others whom I only saw as shadows. I recall the sound of one’s voice, a voice much similar to my paternal grandmother. I recall my response that it was not time and then my return to my body. As I talked of these details with my son during the latter part of 2015 I was briefly introduced to another who simply asked if I was certain that I remembered everything or did I only remember what I was allowed to remember. If I only remember a portion of the experience then what is the complete truth?

What is the truth? If I see it, if I hear it does that mean that what I see and what I hear is truth. Allow me to think on this a moment. If the other side is infinite then it has no beginning and it has no end. I will hypothesize that if there is no beginning and no end then it is timeless. Now, if you agree that our reality is based on time, then in terms of the other side our reality is undefined, much like division by zero. If then, we are undefined, in terms of the other side and from that perspective we are just an illusion.

If I consider our reality as an illusion then I could almost imagine that our reality and thus our existence is pointless. However, I cannot imagine that God would create us for the purpose of a pointless existence. There must be something deeper; more meaning that is not visible to me. There must be a truth that is yet to be discovered.

If I imagine a movie, then I can imagine a temporary reality that is created by the writers and producers that timeless. This means that no matter how much time passes we can always see that movie in the same time space that it was created. No matter how many times we play the movie it will always be the same. Would you then surmise that it was pointless for the movie to exist? I think not. I think everything has its purpose. We can watch the movie time and again and then discuss with each other the purpose the writers and producers intended. If the writers and producers of the movie are still around we can ask them their intent, but, depending on what others have said will they change and say their intent was now different than it was then? How will they be swayed by the opinion of the masses on whose money they depend for their fortune?

So, what I see within this reality may or may not be truth as it is dependent on the reality from which it was created. What I see here, what I hear here could only be a  spiritual illusion that was seen or heard by me for some purpose that I can only imagine. Yet, from inside this reality it all looks real, it all looks like it has purpose but when I was out of body, on the other side, it also looked was real and with purpose.

So I asked, what is the connection between the physical body, the energy body and the spiritual body. The answer was interesting andEnergy Body I still think on yet in order to better understand. “There are none of these, there is only you.”  Only me? Does this mean that what I see is an illusion of myself? If I am an illusion of myself then why do I put so much importance on this illusion? There must be something else that I am yet to be told or I have been told and I am yet to understand.

Why do I discuss illusion at the same time that I discuss truth. The reason seems simple to me. Consider that the illusion feeds the imagination. As we let the imagination loose we begin to create new realities. Consider the battle between the Shiites and Sunni. Both religious sects imagine themselves as the direct decedents of Mohammad. Due to that argument the two sects go about killing each other. gazastripIt is ironic as Mohammad was a peace loving man. The same argument can be presented for each of the religions. Each argues they are the correct religion and that all else is evil. The imaginations of each feed the illusions, trust is replaced with anger and anger leads to hate. The cycle of hate continues for thousands of years.

Truth is that we exist. We exist for a purpose and that purpose could be good, it could be bad. Whatever purpose is set before ourselves it is up to us to discover it ourselves from a plethora of choices and obstacles that we have set before ourselves.

It is good if we make it good, it is bad if we make it bad. Gandhi_TruthBut the determination of good or bad will often be determined by the perspective of one over another. On the battle ground each of the opponents think themselves good and the other side bad. The truth of each will always be hidden even by the historians.

Truth is truth by its own nature. Neither the individual nor the masses can make truth non-truth or the non-truth into truth.

The singular and greatest truth that I know that is ever the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God loves us all completely and unconditionally, no one more or less than another, regardless of background, religion,  or ethnic origin.

Love always








God Is Love

Over the past week I have spent the mornings taking the grandchildren to soccer camp.  While waiting for them I had a couple of conversations with a lady about the identity and role of Jesus the  Christ. bibleThe lady declared that she believed completely the teachings of the Bible and that Jesus was the Son of God. I responded that it is true, he was the son of God in the same way that she is the daughter of God. The subject is complex and devote Christians are not ready to accept anything other than what they have been taught for years any more than the devote of any otherquran religion.

It is not my desire or intent to malign what people do because it is their choice and choice is a gift to all from God. What I do present, to those that are interested, is an explanation of the roles of God, Angels, and negative energies. If a person understands those roles then they may be able to better understand their own role in the universe.

God is love, love is God. This is just a simple and complete fact that I have discovered. God’s love is unconditional and eternal.

Angels love each of us as well, equally and unconditionally. Because Angels do not know fear it is easy for them to accept us for who and what we are. Angels assist us to endure the physical life we have chose.

Generally, each of us choose the tools we need to develop our own spirituality. Some develop their spiritual path through the help of religion.  Whatever path a person takes to find God is a good path. If the path should diverge and lead away from God then from a spiritual perspective it is ok because they have eternity to return to the correct path.

Because we are created from love we always gravitate toward love however we are not consciously aware of this. We then complicate our understanding of love by reducing its true meaning

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

by overusing the word. Next, because we live in a physical reality we try to personify God and describe God in physical terms. We attach our emotions to our perspective of God and then teach others of that misguided perspective.

Discover more about God, Angels, negative energies, small miracles and our role in the Universe in my books,

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution or Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

Love Always


Finding Patience

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

In Transitions and again in Perspectives I have written about patience. The basic idea that I have presented is that trying to be patient for an impatient person only creates more impatience. So the question remains, how do I find patience?

I started writing my next book, Patience, last year but have taken a few months off in order to move from Colorado to Florida and to evaluate where I am in terms of the ability to write about patience. Obviously it is important to fully understand a subject before attempting to present anything about it in a conversation let alone in a book. I also think it is important to consider the environment that I am in. What I mean by this is that it is easy to practice patience when surrounded in a quiet pristine environment, however I must be able to be equally patient when caught in a complex social environment of missed expectations.

As I have stated before, I cannot find patience by trying to be patient, instead I must work on my personal traits that create barriers to my ability to be patient. These traits consist of my tendency toward frustration, my prideful nature and my runaway ego.

An example of barriers are ego, pride and frustration. For example, this morning I was making gluten free waffles for breakfast. After making a couple of very nice waffles I decided they were a bit heavy and tried to thin them down a little. I overdid this and the next waffle stuck to the waffle iron and then fell apart as I tried to clean it off. Naturally I was a bit frustrated with the results and then I started getting all kinds of helpful instructions on how to improve the quality of the batter and on how to keep the waffles from sticking to the waffle iron. Next, additional hands intervened to help clean the waffle iron. At this point, given I was frustrated and overwhelmed with help.

A combination of negative energies fed my emotions and I snapped out at my helpers, saying, “I have done just fine until now making these waffles I really don’t need help right now.”  Yes, you are correct, I really did not need to respond in this manner and, true again, I

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

obviously reset on my day count as once again I failed to see the good in the help that was offered.

I cleaned to waffle iron, fixed the batter and then continued preparing the waffles until, of a sudden, the waffle iron came apart at the hinges and then, being electrical, the wires shorted out and I tripped a circuit breaker. That was ok, I was alone when all of this happened, in a nice pristine environment. The family was out on the deck eating waffles as I was finishing up and I was able to simply respond by unplugging the failed appliance; resetting the circuit breaker, and then finishing up the remainder of the batter by cooking a few 3 inch pancakes. The small pancakes were a hit with my granddaughter who immediately scooped a couple into her plate.

It has been a long year, so much has occurred. First was the planning for retirement, the final days of work and suddenly the day came but was preceded by Mimi being injured in a near head-on collision. We have spent many months seeing doctors and physical therapist. At the same time we put the house on the market and began our search for a new home in Florida. The house sold, the new home was bought and then we began the arborous task of moving. Yes, it has been a long year and the opportunities to discover the barriers to being patient have been numerous. I shall look back on those days as I once again begin working on my third book, Patience.

Do you want to find patience?  I think the best way to discover patience is to not look for it. Honestly, patience is always there; it is just hidden by obstacles created by uncontrolled emotions fueled by negative energy. Those obstacles are removed by love. When I stop trying so hard and let myself go I can enjoy all that is around me. When I am enjoying everything I do not have time to let negative emotions fill my head.  Instead my whole being is filled with joy and love.

Everything is okay, all is good, each day a glorious new beginning. Being patient in a pristine environment is easy but we do not normally live in such a place. Our lives are more likely to be surrounded by un-necessary drama and unconstrained emotions. In such situations we need the capability to practice patience and understanding. In these past few months I have failed many times to do so.  For that failure I apologize to all of those that may have been impacted by my failures. I understand I am on a complex journey, but then that too is just life. I reflect back once again to the drawing made by he who said I could call him 113.  After telling him what we say in the drawing he told us that he had drawn a picture of life. “I know what I drew but I like what you say you see in the picture as well. This picture is much like life, it is what you make of it.”

Thank you for sharing your time with me. God loves you, the Angels love you.

Love always


If Angels Appeared

IMAG0276I think about my dialogs with Zophiel,zophiel_symbol 113, Ylliachon, and others. I then recall the Angel that walked along the path of my morning walk so many mornings.  Because each of these encounters were so loving, so moving to me, the next logical question is why they do not appear to all of us each and every day?

I thought about the question a couple of times and then put it aside to ponder later. It was interesting to me as I tried to overlay the thought of Angels walking the earth incognito with that of being fully visible to everyone.  As I wrote Transitions

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I would often say that I was given knowledge that I could not keep to myself and therefore I must write about my experiences in  order for everyone to know the Angels are with us always.

One day, without much prompting on my part, the answer to my question was afforded to me. Below I summarize the conversation as best I can recall.

He: You wonder why we do not appear to everyone

Me: Yes

He: We could, for example, choose to appear to everyone. Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden a multitude of us of a sudden decided to appear somewhere, … , NewYorkTimesSquaresuch as New York Times Square. What do you think would happen then.

Me: Millions would rush to that location to see you.

He: Yes, multitudes would rush to see us. At first they would be overjoyed at our presence and they would drop on their knees and thank God. 220px-Abraham-And-The-Three-AngelsThen, they would begin to wonder what we could or should be doing for them and they would start asking for favors, first this and then that. When they asked we would respond that we are not allowed to give them favors. Some would become angry and ask how we could ignore their request for help, after all, we are Angels and what would it hurt if they were allowed to win the lottery.We would respond that is not our purpose. At this they would respond then what good are you?

Me: I could imagine that happening.

He: Yes, what seems at first to be an act of love and compassion becomes a catalyst for negative energy. This is a simple reason to explain why it is best .that we do not appear.

Me: Thank you for explaining.

He: God loves you, we love you

Note: One of the characteristics of an Angelic discussion is that it will always end with words of love. I have not encountered or heard about any other “energy”  those ending a conversation with those words.

In essence, just because you do not see Angels does not mean that they are not among us, teaching us and helping us endure the life we have chosen. There are times when an Angel may see suffering and choose to be born into flesh. I understand this is possible but I also understand that putting so much energy into a human body is very painful for the Angel. To choose to endure that pain is an act of love that touches each person that comes into contact with that person.

God loves you, the Angels love you, love always


The Plank In My Eye

Matthew 7:3, On judging: 2.”For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. 3.“Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4.“Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?…

Often, when we read this verse we are tempted to show it to someone else to point out what they are doing.  However, this verse is not about what someone else is doing, instead it is about self. A couple of years ago my brother spent time creating a wood carving of verse 3 to show to me. It was not until he completed the carving that he truly understood it meaning.

As I was writing Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I started to write an instructional book, however, the deeper I got into the subject material the better I understood that it is not my job to tell another person how to live, rather it is important for me to learn how to live. Toward that goal I have continued to work on myself, writing another book, Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life and

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

To see the good in all things with a different perspective

now working on my third book, Patience. For the first two books my focus was on letting the reader know what I have experienced.  I am trying to take a different approach on Patience.

I have also looked at various authors’ and spiritual teachers’ approaches to their books and post publication work. Many advance their concepts in lectures and promotions that provide specific guidance on things a person should do to advance themselves along a spiritual path to include specific practices and mantras. I ask myself why they do this and then I draw a judgmental conclusion that most people are impatient and therefore want a shortcut.

I will have difficulty with myself if I start telling you what to do with your life. At the best I can only tell you the path that I have chosen to take and discuss the obstacles that I must overcome. I know that many look for quick solutions, a cure if you will that will help them reach a desired goal for their life.  I am no different, I too look for the easy path. In Perspectives I tell the story of a dream I had, walking around an island on a well beaten path, stopping at one point to look off into the misty fog. I must find the courage to step off this beaten trail and break a new trail.   I feel good right now, I do not need to try hard, I just need to relax and let it happen.

There is a plank in my eye, I will work on removing it, cleanse the wound and let it heal. Perhaps, after the plank is gone I will be able to see better, perhaps not. Whatever the case God is with me always, knowing this brings peace and comfort.

God loves you, the Angels love you,

Love always