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Its Only Physical

Since as long as I can remember I have been uncomfortable with my physical body. Perhaps, it is because of that feeling that I have abused it.  The physical abuse I have put my body through has varied, the most significant of which is my obsession with food.  I think it is more about the taste of food than the desire for food itself.  Because of this obsession with taste I frequently eat much more than I need to survive. When it comes to eating, I simply live to eat. I don’t eat because I am hungry, I eat to satisfy my taste buds.

Early in life we are taught about our physical senses; touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. My preference to these five has always been taste, then sight and touch. I don’t listen very well and I generally admit that I don’t have a good sense of smell. If I am honest with myself, I must also admit that my sense of taste is not that great either as I can rarely discern different flavors or spices from each other.

I can say that I am obsessed with the taste of food yet when I investigate it further I discover that I don’t know anything about the specific taste of food. With me it is more like I am presented something to eat and it taste good so I eat it for the taste. I don’t think I have always been this way. What I have come to realize is that I can fast for many hours with no problem whatsoever, however, the moment I taste something I continue to eat even after I am full. It is a physical thing. In my mind I do not want to eat but the physical body insist on another bite. I call this a physical obsession. Physical obsessions block our connection to our spiritual self (true self).

Try to understand the difference between the physical self and the spiritual self. The physical self is only temporary. Although temporary our physical existence is important. If the physical was not important then we could not be here. We life a physical life and we must provide for our physical needs. The question I ask myself is at what point due I stop serving the physical and instead serve the spiritual?

Now, consider the spiritual self. The spiritual self is always. You are who you are whether in physical or spiritual state. There is only one self, which I call the true self. Although we cannot recall what it is like to be outside the physical in the spiritual state, the spiritual state is still very important for us and should not be ignored as it is who you are. That said, you should not worry about who you are, rather consider the principles of what it means to live a good life (physical state).

Life is a miracle. The beauty of our existence is indescribable, from the moment we are created by God, to the moment of our first transition, it is a miraculous event. Understanding this miracle opens my mind to understand what it means to be in the physical state. No matter what I do or say while in the physical state, in the end, I will always return to the place of love (spiritual state). From love we are created and to love is where we return.

What we do between those two transitions are important to us. Although it is the spiritual self that defines who we truly are, the physical self takes priority and redefines who we are as the current physical self.  Understand, the change is only temporary. No matter what happens to the physical self, at the moment of transition you always return to the true self.

We live our lives for a purpose; a purpose that we create and we should continue to do so. Our earthly plans are far more complex and integrated than we could ever imagine. In fact, even the step to take the time to read this posting and then talk to another about it could be woven into someone’s plan. For others, the reading of this posting is only a “free option,” and option without purpose. Whatever the case, what we do is important to us and that is why we do it. What I suggest is that we do not ignore who we truly are while we live this life.  After all, it is only physical.

God loves you regardless of what you do.

Love always





Spiritual Depth and Breath Through Understanding

Every action that leads to an end state has a starting point and the starting point for development of spiritual depth and breath begins with desire.  I presented a description of desire in my first book, Transitions, A Spiritual Evolution.  “He that sits on the universal plane, breathes the flame of desire into the hearts of man.  Those that accept that desire will feel its warmth Those that do not, will feel its pain, pain which is the lack of desire.”

Desire alone is not sufficient.  A person must also have knowledge on where they are and a method to plan a path that will get them to the desired destination.

I presented Transitions to you to help show you how I have been able to start the process of finding out where I am.  As my journey continued I needed to clean my mind of superficial thoughts and criticisms of others by working on a task to see the good in all things for thirty consecutive days.  This latter task was presented in my second book, Perspectives, Thirty Days to Life.

Transitions is about self and universal awareness. It serves as a primer for those who are ready and desire to seek spiritual connection with the source of their existence. It is not a “how-to” book, but rather an invitation to correlate your life with the experiences of the author in his journey.  It encourages you to find your true self in all its dimensions.

My book, "Transitions"

My book, “Transitions”

I followed this by presenting Perspectives.  Perspectives presents an advanced outline for self and universal awareness.

To find and understand self permits you to understand God and with that understanding you may learn to understand others.  With that understanding you will be able to see that anger and hate do not serve an means to any end, except more anger and hate.  I provided a link to current headlines of battles that have fought for decades.  I wonder if those who continue to fight ever look to see the pain they create in all of those that surround them, including those they love.  Even as these types of battles continue to be fought I know that my job is to see the good in all things.  My first thoughts are of the ones that fight so hard because of their love for their families.  My second thought is that there are others that look upon this and having witnessed the pain and suffering, they decide to work for peace with all.

God loves you all, no matter what your choice.  Please understand, love is the most powerful force in the universe.